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Mar 22, 2014 05:20 PM

Foodie locations between border and Montreal

For years we've been traveling from Vermont to Montreal in search of good food. We enter Canada from I-89 North. On my recent trip I began wondering if we're not missing something between the border and Montreal? I know this is rather broad, but are there any recommendations for foodie type stops north of the Vermont border and south of Montreal?

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  1. How far off the I-89 and its Quebec equivalent are you willing to travel?

    1. All I can think of is a lovely bakery with world-class donuts called Beignes Dora, in Eastman. Exit 106 off Hwy. 10.

      1. Where are you coming from, what type of restaurants are you looking for? I am an exMontrealer, ex Chicagoan, ex Albertan and have travelled extensively. I live off I91 just the Canadian side of the border and one of the reasons this is the last stop for my wife and I is the food here is about as good as it gets.
        You might start off by looking at The Best of the Eastern Townships blog but in places like Mansonville Quebec, Hardwick, Vermont, Magog Quebec, and Newport Vermont there is no shortage of great food. Whether you want to clog your arteries with the poutine of Wood's in Ayer's Cliff or Compton.Sample the artisanal and local produce of Newport's Tasting Centre food mall. I would suggest a visit to La Station a frommagerie between Ayer's Cliff and Compton which produces world class cheese and you might visit the cows across the road after dining on their patio.
        Our local bakery here in Stanstead is as good as any in Montreal which I remember with tremendous fondness. Although the Cherry cheese Danish at Quality kosher corner Querbes and Beaumont in Montreal are the stuff of foodie dreams.
        The small intimate Tomifobia (great pasta, lamb and rabbit) restaurant in Beebe is seasonal but the food and ambiance is memorable and the French cider may induce you to give up wine as your beverage of choice..
        The town of Magog is a little too busy for me during tourist season but the restaurants are certainly a cut above. La Retenue on rue Laurier opened last November but if you get there soon you may claim to being there when it was unknown.
        Please be more specific as I don't know whether to direct you to the Mexican restaurant in downtown Magog or the American restaurant the Eastside in in Newport Vermont both are excellent representatives of their genre..
        Of course if I was always taking I 89 I would always stop by Witsend in Hemmingford for the fish and chips and pick up some meat and Deli just down the road at Viau and an occasional visit to the Fritz Kaiser Frommagerie..

        1. In general, maybe check out Route de Paysan

          Route du vins

          Depending on season, (winter being kinda low, summer/fall high) theres quite a few chowish places along these routes.

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            Hovey Manor is really worth the visit. Go for lunch. It's on the west side of Lake Massawipi near North Hatley.

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              The internationally acclaimed Hovey Manor being one of the finest restaurants in Canada is definitely a must for the very well heeled. While the food is superb lunch for two at $100 without wine is not for everyone but I am always open for an invite.

              1. re: Moedelestrie

                We went last summer and it definitely didn' t cost that much!

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                  Menu is posted on line and I guess you are correct but I think 50 per person might be ballpark but that is what I budget for dinner. I don't know about last year they were still recovering from the fire.

          2. On the road to the Border ( Rt 133 ) there is a pretty good fondue resto. Owned by a Swiss German couple.They also have a little shop that showcases all their condiments and jams and jellies.A very good stop right off the road. Restaurant Swiss Pikes River Qc. Enjoy