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Mar 22, 2014 04:54 PM

Italian Subs (Do not count Subway!)

Just watched a Food Paradise show on the Travel Channel and they showed a Sub Sandwich shop in Atlantic City. Sure wish we had something like that here. Used to Love Cousins - know there are still a few in the Twin Cities area - but looking for other suggestions of a place that can make a REAL Italian Sub - thoughts anyone ?

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  1. Some people like Brianno's Italian sandwiches - I can't personally attest to the authenticity, though....

    1. I like the one from Cossetta's. They call it the Italian hero. I think it's the same as a sub.

      1. Broders Deli - South Jersey Hoagie. Cannot be beat.

        1. I like Buon Giorno
          981 Sibley Memorial Hwy
          Saint Paul, MN 55118

          1. I often work in NY/NJ and am just sad when I come back to the Twin Cities. There is nothing here that approaches the same style of sandwich. There aren't REAL italian subs here...

            That said, I do enjoy the Italian stack at Milo's (chain) but it is nothing close to authentic - I just like it.

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              GutGrease, I was born and raised in the NYC metro area and I agree. Maybe it's just that I've been away long enough that I've forgotten what real Italian-style subs are like, but Broder's probably comes closest here. It's not much of a race, though.