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Mar 22, 2014 04:32 PM

Yakitori Kintori

Has anyone posted on this new spot from Guu, yet? Went tonight and it was super delicious and affordable, me and my wife and our two kids ages 5 and 3 left stuffed, $65 with tax and tip and 3 beers.

Often I prefer my yakitori without sauce, but the tare sauce at Kintori was very tasty, not too sweet. They have virtually every bit of the chicken you'd want including the "oyster" and the tail. The tsukune, always the test of a yakitori-ya, was nice and moist, great flavour. Don't sleep on the kale appetizer.

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  1. Thx for the first review! How does it compare to Zakkushi (really the first robata joint here)? A glance at the menu seems that they are a little high priced than Zakkushi, but you walked out at $65?! Wow, that's very nice. We paid that much for just two adults at Zakkushi.

    1. Anyone else been here and can compare to zakkushi?

      1. I've been to both Yakitori Kintori and Zakkushi. I can't say one is better than the other, they are different. Neither of them compares to excellent robata houses in Japan (the grill aroma is not quite the same) but they are what we got in Toronto. Compared to Zakkushi, Yakitori has a much nicer, cleaner, modern interior. Easier to get to on the subway line. From memory, it has a smaller selection, may be slightly higher prices. I spent $35, including tax and tip and 1 beer and was very full. I think both have unique items though, e.g. I don't think pork cheek or chicken tails are served at Zakkushi. Both are certainly worthy addition to Toronto. I will probably go to both again, not too regularly but every once in a while.

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          Good review, I like Zakkushi too, maybe more of a party environment in there if you're torn as to which one to go to. Nothing compares to this hole-in-the-wall I used to go to when living in Osaka. A Japanese salaryman told me the reason they got that flavour is that the grills had been there for decades...

        2. We really enjoyed our dinner at Yakitori Kintori on their opening night. The food and atmosphere was casual and fun. Personal favourites were Sasame with Wasabi, the Beef with Scallion sauce and both the Negi (Scallion) and Brussels Sprouts veggie skewers. I recommend this place!