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Pandan Tea Leaf cake ????? I loved it at this coffee/banh mi joint called Bale, about a block away from Chengdu Taste and now I they no longer have it. deeply despondent now.

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the green hued pandan cake is like a cross between my tamagoyaki cross-pollinated with the apoteothis of the celestial firmament.

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  1. Get pandan ice cream at Scoops.

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    1. re: A5 KOBE

      I love the pandan ice cream at Scoops!

    2. Is it the baked kind? I would think you could get it at any Vietnamese bakery. Banh mi Che Cali, perhaps. Or the San Gabriel Superstore?

      1. I believe it is baked. Kind of like a pound cake but way better. Way way way better.

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          kevin, with pandan layers? If so, look at any VN bakery or even markets like Thuan Phat on Rosemead, Hawaii Supermarket or SG Superstore.

          EDIT: ah, silleehillee mentioned SG Superstore. Very good.

          1. re: JThur01

            Nope. No layers. Just a uniform green color. Maybe a half dozen slices sold in a shrink-wrapped container for the princely sum of $2 at BaLe Bakery. And now they don't sell it anymore.

        2. Try Van's, I know they have those rolled cakes filled with whipped cream. Not sure if they carry what you are looking for though. :/

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            Nope. There's no whipped cream in there.

            I guess for lack of a better description its like a green-colored pound cake, but then again that description does not quite do it justice.

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              I think you are looking for pandan chiffon cake.

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                Here is a picture of pandan chiffon cake. I make this at home sometimes. (this is not my pic, but mine looks almost like this).

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                  The color is the same. But the homemade, home looking quality is off.

                  But I'll try that too. I've seen that variety and had it at Simpang Asia. Though for me at Simpang the taste was just not there for me.

              2. re: kevin

                Van's has a variety of pandan desserts from waffles to flans to cakes. It is worth a shot when in the area. It is like highlighter green right?

                1. re: A5 KOBE

                  You are right it should be like a lighter more fluorescent-y green on the interior.

                  I wish I took a picture of it.

            2. ....but van's is closed. Unless you're talking about the ones in little Saigon.


              Was it banh bo nuong? That's my favorite Vietnamese pandan cake. I used to eat it a lot. You can find it at a lot of banh mi places. Most bring them in from other bakeries. Although che Cali makes their own i think. I don't remember but i believe i didn't care for their rendition. You can also get it at Vietnamese markets, like Hawaii (on valley). They bring em in from other bakeries like banh mi places

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              1. re: catbert

                catbert, yur pic is exactly it.


                same container and everything.

                now where do i get that these days ????

                1. re: kevin

                  A lot of places offer it. They're usually brought in from other bakeries. You can try places like Hawaii market on valley Blvd (it's like in the 2nd or 3rd or 4th aisle to the left when you first enter. There's fresh bread, n0odles, and sweets), sg supermart on valley and San Gabriel Blvd. (should be on the aisle near by the produce section unless they rearranged (haven't been in a long time), the market by bale may even have it. There are more vietnamese markets in the area. You can also try many banh mi joints. Tip top, che cali, and so on. You can also go back to bale and ask when they'll get m0re.

                  1. re: catbert

                    from my limited commnication skills, i think they were not selling it anymore at all.

                    1. re: catbert

                      thanks again man.

                      really appreciate it.

                      you pinned the tail on the donkey w that photo link.

                      too bad i can't quite make out the name of the actual purveyor.

                      1. re: kevin

                        Like i said before, they bring em in from different bakeries so try around til you find the one you like. They pretty much look the same but the label will be different if you read em. I used to go around trying various kinds but i never got a conclusive answer as to who was the best.

                        Btw, i remember i saw them the last time i was at VP tofu. Although i think their offering comes and go infrequently

                        1. re: catbert

                          thanks man. :)

                          ok, now i begin the research anew.

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                            Yes, good reminder catbert, I've seen those at VP Tofu as well as Thuan Phat on Rosemead, SG Superstore and Hawaii Supermarket.

                  2. I've seen and had it at banh mi cho cu in Orange County. Seems a little ways away for you, but as of a year ago they carried it and they have since I've been going there.

                    1. This is exactly it,

                      catbird found what i was talking bout:


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                        they should sell a ton of those every st. patrick's day. is there an orange colored version for protestants?

                        1. re: barryc

                          barry for real where do i find that good stuff.

                          and st paddy's day has already passed to be sure.

                          1. re: kevin

                            i just bought some at banh mi my tho last week. i made the same comment to the cheerful kid behind the counter and he just laughed.

                          2. re: barryc

                            The vibrant green comes from pandan paste and/or food coloring. If you use only pandan extract, it comes out tan with a hint of green. So if someone were to use extract only and orange food coloring, could probably get a Protestant version (lol), but don't quote me on it since haven't tried

                            1. re: barryc

                              Btw, if you want bright orange, Vietnamese have xoi gac-


                              It's made from the gac fruit. I've only seen the real thing in little Saigon though

                            2. re: kevin

                              That's what I thought you might be referring to. Hawaii Supermarket (as catbert suggested), San Gabriel Superstore and I think Thuan Phat also has them, most Vietnamese markets.

                              1. re: JThur01

                                jthur, this is exactly it:


                                maybe i'll hit it up at Hawaii Supermarket along with a bottle of 1996 Opus One. They seem to be one of the only retailers actually left in town that carries Opus One from the 90s and aughts.

                            3. try the pandan stuff at vinh loi tofu

                              1. They have it at BMCC on Valley.

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                                  1. re: kevin

                                    I was pretty sure that I had seen it there but, I didn't want to say anything until I eye balled it for sure.

                                1. Thanks guys.

                                  Yep, they had it at Banhi Mi Che Che Cali. Lots of packages of it. of course, i paired it with a cafe sua dua.

                                  And then walked across the street to Bale for another sua dua and what do you know it but they do in fact sell the pandan leaf cake there too.

                                  I must have had a seriuous dose of miscommunication when I visited Bale a few weeks back.

                                  Anyhow, thanks guys.

                                  1. If you want to make it, try Cost Plus World Market. I was just there and noticed they had a few boxed green tea cakes. They might have what you are looking for.

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                                      Me ???? Make it ????

                                      I eat out.

                                      No chefery over here. :)