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Suggestions for an eating tour of Chinatown

Next week we'll be in NYC and we want to go round Chinatown eating one special thing at a few places.

So far all we have is Roti Canai at the New Malaysia Restaurant. We know we want to finish with ice cream at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

We're looking for really good, small to medium size dishes at other places. What else should we eat before the ice cream?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Are you sure you want to do Manhattan rather than Flushing?

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      Manhattan Chinatown = Cantonese food, Fujianese food, Shanghai food, dumplings and bakeries. Flushing = all different regional styles including Taiwanese, Hunan, Sichuan and Northeastern food generally not found in Chinatown. And they have food courts so you can hit dozens of eateries in no time at all.

      1. "we" being three adults

        I'd love to do Flushing if there's enough recommendations. I'm also open to any types of food or dishes that are inexpensive and amazing.

        I guess it's a nosh tour.

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          you'd be better off grazing in flushing, in my opinion -- more chances to grab small bites and move from place to place in a fairly small area.

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            Agree. And it seems from reading and eating, Flushing just plain has better and more choices.

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              Any particular recommendations? Is there any good Middle Eastern food in Flushing?

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                I thought you wanted Asian as in Chinese.

            2. Here's scoopg's crawl of Chinatown:


              If you search on the Outer Boroughs board you'll also find some.

              1. Check out Randy Lau's website: lauhound.com

                1. Flushing certainly has more variety, and generally better quality, but a good Ctown nosh is still very possible What the liang pi and lamb burger at Xian? And the dumplings and brisket hui mian at Spicy Village? Or congee, wonton noodle soup and roast duck at NY Noodletown? Or the meat-stuffed fishballs at a Fuzhou place on Forsythe or Eldridge? Or the Cambodian noodle soup and home style duck at Bok Ky? Or the bitter melon and spare rib casserole at Congee Village?

                  1. 1) go to flushing (search outer boroughs board for more info too)

                    2) if you stay in manhattan the scoopg tour linked already is awesome

                    3) add to the scoopg tour my favorite chinatown bakery lucky king on grand st. Their savory fat small scallion pancakes that come 3 per little plastic box are great, and my destination treat there are green tea mochi balls, sold 4 small ones per plate for like $3? With a black sesame peanut filling-really unique, haven't seen at any other ctown bakery. Yelp has some good photos:

                    1. New Kam Hing -- Green tea sponge cake and a milk tea

                      Prosperity Dumpling -- Duck Sesame Pancake

                      Lam Zhou -- Dry noodles with meat sauce

                      Pie Pie -- Portuguese egg tart

                      Fung Tu - Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sesame Balls

                      Xi'an - Liang Pi and Lamb Face Salad

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                        pie pie...interesting never heard of it

                        1. re: Lau

                          i was going to say the same thing.

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                              im surprised i didnt notice it...im always walking around there

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                                It's a good respite if you ever find yourself waiting in line for Joe's Shanghai.

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                                  you'll never find me waiting in line for Joe's Shanghai haha...but you may find me going to pie pie q soon

                                  any other pastries or other stuff you like there?

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                                    Not really, typical Chinese style bakery from what I can tell, but I haven't really bothered to explore their pastry case.

                        2. Soup dumplings - Shanghai Cafe
                          Lamb noodles or burger - Xi'an Famous Foods

                          1. A few to add if you stick to Manhattan:

                            On Elizabeth just north of Hester, near the Hong Kong Grocery, there is a cart doing fresh steamed rice noodles, at least on the weekend.

                            There used to be a Uighur barbeque cart cooking spicy lamb skewers on Forsythe under the bridge. He moved around a bit.

                            In addition to the pancakes at Xian, the ones at Spicy Village on Forsythe are good.

                            It is crowded, but Vanessa's on Eldridge is great for sesame pancake (I prefer the veggie, but all are good), fried dumplings and the newest, dumplings with spicy sauce.

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                              I just visited the noodle cart at the corner of Elizabeth and Hester. Today is Wednesday, so, they must be open weekdays as well.

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                                Good to know.

                                Following my original post, I was down a few weeks back and could not find the Uighur cart. If anyone sees it, please post.

                            2. You might try some of the new dessert places? Heard good things about them, but others could chime in if it's truly worthwhile.

                              There's some beef jerky places (Malaysian style is my favorite) that are good.

                              Are you planning to have room to dine at any of the Canto BBQ places? or rice casseroles?

                              And some Fujianese style snacks should be part of Manhattan Chinatown tour.

                              1. Ask around the area when you're there if anyone knows if the old man who makes hand-pulled Dragon's Beard candy (or Chinese cotton candy) has his cart out. It's a really beautiful thing to see.

                                1. I'm going to have to disagree with all the love for Flushing in general and discount NYC As much as I enjoy Flushing, Manhattan has plenty of nice places where you can sample many things. There are the cheap places and a few carts for a buck...and It's also easier to get Bakery items and Bao. After hour Dim Sum can also be had at any number of Coffee Shops. You can also get Soup, Congee and Cantonese BBQ all in one place.

                                  I'd also recommend you pick up some Beef Jerky.

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                                    Since I don't like sweets or bao I'll defer to you on that. I just prefer Flushing overall and as was said the food courts make it easy to try so many things. But I gladly eat in both. ..While still preferring Left Coast ;)

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                                      I think if you throw in the ambiance, Manhattan Chinatown might be more interesting, particularly with all the Fujianese from all over the eastern US who pass through that part of town, especially on Mondays.

                                    2. Danny Ng is not longer there, but it was originally a favorite of some Cantonese families who moved here. But Amazing 66 carries on a tradition based on Danny Ng's style. They have some very interesting dishes that are a kind of New York policeman fusion that is never spoken of until this moment. They have a few dishes using pastrami, corned beef or roast beef; all are excellent. There is an amazing crispy chicken dish (must be ordered in advance) stuffed with asian sticky rice. Other dishes-pumpkin with beef, wintermelon soup. The usual high end Cantonese dishes are there too-shark fin, abalone, lobster. Great specials.

                                      Besides that, there is a great restaurant that my Fujiennese friends love- Congee Village. I don't remember the Chinese name which is the one they always use.

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                                        congee village is not fujian at all, its a totally cantonese restaurant

                                        fyi, Amazing 66, while I can't verify this bc i havent eaten there in a few years, several friends said that Amazing 66 has gone downhill after several changes of chefs

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                                          Too bad for that. Yes, I know congee village is cantonese.

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                                          The Chinese name of Congee Village is 粥之家 :-) It is a Cantonese restaurant, BTW.

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                                            Yes. It is cantonese. Didn't say itherwise, just noted that my fineness friends seem to love it. Thanks.