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Spicy Island, New Malden, London

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Great fried Sri Lankan snacks. A very fresh clean flavour, despite getting the stuff from display case. Medu vada (lentil donuts) were crispy on the outside and slightly chewy and smooth on the inside. A breaded "cutlet" -- basically a roll filled with a potato and mutton curry, breaded and deep fried was also good. Another deep fried snack, an amalgam of lentils gave off a good fennel flavour with brilliant crunchiness.

Located on Burlington Road. Apparently new as their menus weren't printed yet.

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  1. Leinster - do they just do snacks or do they have more? Eat in or just take away? I have family a few minutes away and it sounds like a good option.....you can only eat so much Korean.

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      There was more displayed in the counter. Kottu, a few curries, some fried noodles, but did look at the menu. Love to hear what the other stuff is like. Looked some seating I the back.

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        This is a good place, strong flavours and they are not shy with the chilli. Snacks are good and so are the main dishes. There is seating at the back and friendly service - eat in or take away. I think it has been open for quite a while but changed hands a year or so ago. It was the biriani that was first recommended to me but it did not float my boat. On Fridays there have been vegetarian thalis packed ready for take away and very substantial. (I also have a recommendation for egg hoppers at 'Bay and Curry Leaves', 278 Burlington Road, the other side of the A3, away but have yet to follow it up.)

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          Thanks for that! Sounds like we may have found ourselves an illusive Sinhalese Sri Lankan place.

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            Cool - love to hear more about Bay and Curry Leaves when you have a chance to try it. Thanks again!