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Mar 22, 2014 12:41 PM

Glut of strawberries

I don't cook with berries often. My local store has $1 per pound of strawberries at the moment and I'd like to venture into making some savory sauces. I may try a strawberry cake too and probably drinks through the weekend.

What would you recommend? I have 4 pounds at the moment and I'd love to burn through them and get another 5 or so tomorrow. Anything that freezes or stores well gets extra points.

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  1. Strawberry icecream, ok not savory or a sauce but so good!!!

    1. Well I'd freeze them whole but hulled and then use them to make instant sorbet/sherbet/ice cream. I do this every summer and make it in my vitamix a meal at a time. Just frozen strawberries, simple syrup and a small amount of milk or yogurt or cream. No ice as it just dilutes the intensity of the fruit flavor.

      1. I've had trouble with strawberry ice cream in the past. Whats the traditional strawberry season?

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          Here in Mass it usually early to mid June.

        2. The chia jam at the end of this link- its stupid easy, just reduce or omit the sugar and add black pepper and maybe some lemon juice. It freezes well and can become the base of a savory sauce in the future

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            Actually I love the idea of the strawberry oat bars. What can I sub for the chia or flax?

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              In the oat bar recipe portion you can swap an egg for the "chia plus 3TB water". In the strawberry jam portion you have to use chia seeds, nothing else reacts the same way......(chia seeds are common now, trader joes, whole foods, health food stores, and amazon all sell them)

          2. Strawberry Composte (bbcgoodfood has a good one)
            It will keep a month in the fridge