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"BULK" cooking?? Whatcha cooking today or this weekend?

Was hoping today would be nice enough to turn off heat and open windows... at least for an hour or so... but NOT!?! Kinda dreary and over-cast... with maybe more SNOW (now a 4 letter word to me) around Tuesday.

COULD do some cleaning & definitely need to do a few loads of laundry, but would rather COOK!

Have a scaled down pot of VERY beefy barley soup perking on stove. Two stuffed peppers in oven... one for a little later and other for Lunch on Monday... or tomorrow. Beef mixture that didn't fit in peppers is a small meatloaf... picking and a sandwich or 2.

FAVORITE veggie... beets... roasting in oven... almost done.

What's cooking in your house?

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  1. To welcome my men home I am cooking the corn beef I bought on sale last week. I also threw together a meat loaf and a big batch of meat sauce. Hoping to head somewhere warm on Mon or Tues so to assuage my guilt I thought it best to make sure the freezer is well stocked. Last weekend I made meatballs and couple of othe things. Nothing better than a well stocked freezer!

      1. The hubby is smoking a brisket. But it just dawned on me that I hope he is not smoking the whole thing because it was a good 10 pounds.

        I shredded a whole head of cabbage for coleslaw, milled some flour and baked whole wheat yeast rolls and just took some white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bars out of the oven to cool.

        1. Bread last night & this morning, spaghetti sauce now & ice cream later.

          1. The Lou's Garrett Valley corned beef we purchased from our local co-op last week was so yummy, we bought another, even larger one, yesterday. I braised it in the oven last night with some cabbage and the ribs from rainbow chard. We'll be having plenty of corned beef, cabbage, rainbow carrots, yams and chard ribs this weekend. We already finished the big batch of boxty we made last weekend. I also have two pieces of salmon and a bag of organic turkey cutlets, along with some sauteed collards and chard.

            1. Carrot and cinnamon curry/gravy. Also grilled 4 chicken breast marinaded in spices and yogurt. Making a whole wheat flat bread and maybe rice tomorrow.

              Two steaks salted for tomorrow, and I'll prep a butterfly chicken for tomorrow or the week this weekend.

              1. 2 pans of meatloaf with tomato glaze and canned white potatoes. One is for our dinner and one is for our friends on the next block who just had a baby.

                I made them a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted carrots, and gravy last weekend so I didn't want to do mashed potatoes again. My husband grew up with his not-so-good-cook mother using canned potatoes with her meatloaf so I figured he would appreciate that and it would be a change from mashed for my friends.

                1. Just cooked pintos, blacks, garbanzos, and hominy for the freezer. Threw some of them into a pot with some other things for a stew, as well.

                  1. A lot of cooking with ground beef (I assume with the meatloafs). Is anybody grinding their own?

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                          1. I usually cook sunday afternoons when i get back from the store. A batch of millet with sesame oil is on the todo list, my dried heirloom cannelini beans are soaking now, I'll do a big batch of roasted veg with the bizarre amount of garlic i have on hand, the veggies depend on what looks good. Carrot miso salad dressing and starting my limoncello if i can find some organic meyer lemons.

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                              Uuugh. Negative on the organic meyer lemons at my nearby grocery and i'm not dedicated enough to face whole foods on a sunday afternoon.....i will pick them up later this week.

                            2. Baked tofu. This is one of only a few attempts to use tofu. I've read baked tofu is pretty tasty and keeps for a while so I'm making a big batch for the busy week to toss into lunches

                              1. I picked up a lovely brisket yesterday. It's sitting in the fridge now covered with spices--I use the 2nd Ave Deli Cookbook recipe--and I will start cooking it a little later this morning.

                                Also have a rather large sweet potato (about the size of 2 grapefruits) that I'll cut up and roast along with some carrots. This should keep everyone well fed for a few days.

                                1. I'm doing two curry dishes with a green curry I made this morning--one a beef slow cooker curry with a whole cauliflower, and the other a jungle curry with tons of veggies. These two should feed me for the rest of the week. I'm also baking bread--though the first batch was a disaster. Hopefully the next two will be better.

                                  1. I need to put some Azuki beans in the crock pot for red bean paste, I just keep putting it off.

                                    1. So far this weekend:

                                      A batch of steel-cut oats in the small crockpot made with milk and vanilla. Froze those in individual portions for weekday mornings, with a little cinnamon and sugar on top. Love it warmed with a sliced up banana.

                                      Pre-made pie crusts were on sale this weekend, and I had everything else needed for a chicken pot pie, so I made a large one and that's cooling on the counter now. That will be lunches for myself for work this week.

                                      The 7qt slow cooker currently had a very large batch of beef stew for dinner tonight for the family (of 5) and lunches this week for my husband.

                                      In the small crockpot today, cooked two chicken breasts in half a jar of Trader Joe's Salsa Verde, and some Chicken & Tomato broth. Cut those into a small dice once they were done.

                                      Made a large batch of spanish rice, and mixed in whole pinto beans and corn. Used this and the chicken above to make some chicken burritos (with pepperjack and cheddar) that will get frozen and used in lunches at some point. The remainder will get frozen and used as the foundation for burrito bowls - also for work.

                                      Cooked up a large pot of brown rice that is being individually portioned off and frozen. These come in handy for quick lunches and dinners.

                                      And still to come this afternoon, a large batch of oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies to freeze and take to our corporate blood drive later this week for post-donation pick me ups. :)

                                      1. I went on a bit of a cooking marathon.

                                        Apple crisp- to use up apples

                                        Sticky cinnimon buns with sour cream pasrty. I still haven't got a recipe I love locked down. Had some sour cream to use up. So used the James Bread recipe and tried two different fillings one boiling cream with sugar and butter, made more if a like a caramel. plus standard plus plain loaf bread. don't suggest using that dough for sticky buns good bread tho.

                                        Bought a Kirkland Chèvre to try and marinated it olive oil, crushed garlic and fresh basil.

                                        Ravani as a bday cake for my dad. Sort of a cake made with semolina flour and then a honey syrup with orange peel,cinnamon and clove which you pour over cake.

                                        Big pan of Spanikopita

                                        Big pan of pasitcho like a greek version mac and cheese

                                        Today I have sweet potatoes in the oven to make ricotta sweet potato gnocchi which I will serve tonight with fresh halibut my friend caught yesterday and sage butter hmm!

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                                          I love pastichio! A childhood friends grandmother always made it when we were kids. She made it with lamb but the recipes I see are usually beef. Whole Foods actually carries kefalotyri so I have been wanting to make it. Do you mind sharing your recipe?

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                                            Lol I can buuut.... I recently had to write out my favourite vegetarian recipe for a bridal shower. This I figured was spanakopita which I make a lot but never realized I don't use a recipe. So trying to write out ...a 3x4x8 inch piece of feta, a small bunch of dill.. if the feta is not salty a bit of salt... lol I hope it works out for her and I thing I got it down but pastichio is the same thing. I buy a pack of hamburger and pork sometimes and season to taste...I have no idea the weight on the meat or onions. I use a lot more spice then any recipe I've seen and works out beautifully every time. But some times someone has a stronger cinnamon it would be to much... I cook by taste never recipe. Plus everyone has there own seasoning they like or are used to. I use nutmeg and cinnamon in my sauce which my greek grandmother always used but its a regional? thing. Usually there is only cinnamon. Same with spanakopita I use mint and dill were most recipes are one or the other. I will try for you tho! as long as you have a bit of common sense and a bit of cooking skill I'm sure it will work out. At least its a nice cheap dish to make. Unless you use lamb of course but a blend is nice if you want a bit of lamb flavour.

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                                              Ha! I totally get it, I'm the same way with regular rotation meals! I have such fond memories of the stuff I got as a kid that it's probably best to get a "rough idea" and go from there. Taste and test a long the way, lol.

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                                                Like béchamel. I have no idea how much you need for different pan sizes. I pick the pan I'm going to cook the pastichio in and eye ball the milk to fit the pan to give me the layer thickness I think ill want, flour/butter ratio to fit the amount of milk...

                                        2. Thus far:

                                          Chicken stock, Asian flavors
                                          Lemongrass paste for the freezer
                                          Lemon miso marinated roasted veg
                                          Chicken pot pie
                                          Asian style chicken salad
                                          Spiced beef potted meat/rillettes ( one Keller style with jam on top, the others with traditional clarified butter to top)

                                          Still more to do.....I had company and now have a lot of extra food!

                                          1. On Sunday, I kneaded out several portions of pizza dough that are cold fermenting in the fridge right now. When I leave for work in the morning I take a dough ball out of the fridge and set it on the counter for the final rise. When I get home after work I can just stretch, toss, top and bake. The dough seems to be at its best after 3 days of cold fermenting, then loses some of its spring on day 4 and 5.

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                                              I do that too. Makes such a difference in flavor!
                                              After the third day, I freeze the balls (if there is any left!).

                                              So nice to set out a frozen ball in the morning and have a little easy appetizer pizza before dinner. I am using my last little dough ball tonight for one. A wild mushroom, farmer cheese pizza, sprinkled with pink peppercorns with a glass of dry Riesling before a later dinner.

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                                                Nice. Very ambitious. I think tonight will be a classic greasy pepperoni and onion pie for me.

                                                Do you still get good oven rise after the dough is frozen? Also, what kind of surface are you baking on? I have a Lodge cast iron pizza pan that holds a lot of heat, I like it a lot but I've never had a regular stone to compare it with.

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                                                  Freezing makes a bit of difference in the rise, but I like my crust very thin for appetizer pizza. Like a thin chewy cracker more than flatbread dough.

                                                  When I use my indoor oven, I crank the convection up to 500 and just use a flat cookie sheet pan, sprinkled with flour and cornmeal. I threw my pizza stone away. It didn't make enough of a difference to bother with.

                                                  When I use my outdoor wood fire oven, it only takes a few minutes to cook, right on the slab of rock, but too long to get up to temp for a weekday dinner. Those pizzas are meals, not little appetizers :)

                                            2. I just had a topic here asking what can be cooked on Sunday in bulk to last most of the week, taking into consideration I never freeze cooked meals. You can see lots of helpful ideas here :)

                                              1. I am making 2 dozen frozen burritos for the husband! I cringe over the frozen store bought ones that he wants to eat every.single.day. SO, I took it upon myself to start making them myself a while back and pretty sure he won't ever eat another store bought .69 burrito ;) I hope anyway. I just get some nice tortillas - store bought, but whatever :) - I stuff them with some homemade Spanish style rice, seasoned ground beef and/or black beans, top with some fresh shredded cheddar or jack cheese and seal them up by tossing in a pan for a bit. Couldn't be easier! Sometimes I add fresh fire-roasted green chils, etc. I like to change it up a bit for him. I steal the occasional one for lunch as well.

                                                He likes them for breakfast or he'll heat one up in the morning and toss it in his lunch box and eat it for lunch.

                                                They LOOK much prettier too - that is just a rice and bean burrito.