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Mar 22, 2014 12:23 PM

"BULK" cooking?? Whatcha cooking today or this weekend?

Was hoping today would be nice enough to turn off heat and open windows... at least for an hour or so... but NOT!?! Kinda dreary and over-cast... with maybe more SNOW (now a 4 letter word to me) around Tuesday.

COULD do some cleaning & definitely need to do a few loads of laundry, but would rather COOK!

Have a scaled down pot of VERY beefy barley soup perking on stove. Two stuffed peppers in oven... one for a little later and other for Lunch on Monday... or tomorrow. Beef mixture that didn't fit in peppers is a small meatloaf... picking and a sandwich or 2.

FAVORITE veggie... beets... roasting in oven... almost done.

What's cooking in your house?

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  1. To welcome my men home I am cooking the corn beef I bought on sale last week. I also threw together a meat loaf and a big batch of meat sauce. Hoping to head somewhere warm on Mon or Tues so to assuage my guilt I thought it best to make sure the freezer is well stocked. Last weekend I made meatballs and couple of othe things. Nothing better than a well stocked freezer!

      1. The hubby is smoking a brisket. But it just dawned on me that I hope he is not smoking the whole thing because it was a good 10 pounds.

        I shredded a whole head of cabbage for coleslaw, milled some flour and baked whole wheat yeast rolls and just took some white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bars out of the oven to cool.

        1. Bread last night & this morning, spaghetti sauce now & ice cream later.

          1. The Lou's Garrett Valley corned beef we purchased from our local co-op last week was so yummy, we bought another, even larger one, yesterday. I braised it in the oven last night with some cabbage and the ribs from rainbow chard. We'll be having plenty of corned beef, cabbage, rainbow carrots, yams and chard ribs this weekend. We already finished the big batch of boxty we made last weekend. I also have two pieces of salmon and a bag of organic turkey cutlets, along with some sauteed collards and chard.