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New to Hermosa/Manhattan Area

OK my fellow hounders. There are a couple of very old strings regarding Hermosa/Manhattan recommendations. I just moved to Hermosa and want to know where the good chow is and where the locals go. Local taco/burrito, local coffee, good fish, sushi, local dive bar, etc. I have faith in you guys.

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  1. MB Post! Lucky you!

    Fishing With Dynamite is also very good (tiny). Was there a few weeks back.

    1. Love the food at M B Post. Have heard mixed reviews on Fishing With Dynamite next door but haven't been. Petros has decent Mediterranean - better at lunch than dinner. Breakfast at Uncle Bill's is wonderful. The line is quicker than it appears.

      1. Echo the choices of Fishing With Dynamite, MMB Post, Petros and Uncle Bill's. Little Sister is also good for its take on Vietnamese. I keep meaning to try Circa and Darren's but usually (happily) wind up with one of the others.

        1. from what i understand, Gelato Lounge just opened a new place in Manhattan Beach.
          will get the address next time i hit up the marina location

          if you love dark chocolate, get the Chocolate Sorbetto (no dairy in this one).
          only available on the weekends these days.

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            I have been to the Gelato Lounge, on Manhattan beach Boulevard across from Cafe Pierre. Very good, and the friendly people there give tastes.

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              WG, please let us know when you get the info.

            2. Locals Favorites:
              Martha's 22nd St Grill Hermosa
              Uncle Bill's Manhattan Beach
              North End Cafe Manhattan Beach
              FishBar Manhattan Beach
              Original Pancake House Redondo Beach
              Hudson House Redondo Beach
              El Burrito Jr. Redondo Beach
              Susie Cakes
              Grimaldi's Pizza El Segundo
              Big Wok Manhattan Beach
              MB Post
              Fishing with Dynamite
              Little Sister
              Manhattan Bread and Bagel
              Saigon Dish Lawndale
              El Pollo Inka Hermosa and Lawndale
              Al Noor Lawndale
              Pit Fire Pizza Manhattan Beach
              Lemonade Manhattan Beach
              Houston's Manhattan Beach

              welcome to the neighborhood

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                Wiener this is a solid list. But you already knew that.

                I will add the New Orleans Cafe in Hermosa.

              2. Grew up in and still live in MB. Welcome to the South Bay!

                Best breakfast by the water is Uncle Bill's in MB. I still actually prefer Tomboys (on MBB across from the Trader Joes) breakfast, but there is no "beach atmosphere" there. Also check out Tomboys when you have a hankering for chili cheese burgers and chili fries.

                Amigos (on Prospect and Artesia in MB) for breakfast burritos.

                Grimaldis for pizza. They upended the pizza universe in LA as far as I'm concerned.

                Poulet de Jour in Hermosa for Mediterranean roasted chicken. I love their cole slaw as well. Also do not miss their falafels, either as a side or the falafal sandwich. The owner can sometimes be a little "direct" which I enjoy, but some interpret as rude.

                I personally don't like south bay mexican food as I think it can't remotely compare to the likes of El Chato and the other amazing places in LA. I suppose Sion's in MB has the best "south bay" mexican food, although El Sombrero has pretty tasty carnitas.

                Check out the bacon and bacon burgers for your home grilling needs from Manhattan Meats in downtown MB.

                If you like to cook at home, be sure to go to the Torrance farmers market Saturday mornings. It's huge and has some very good farmers.

                The best dive bar hands down is Ercoles in downtown MB. Lots of character, and on any night you'll see middle aged old time surfers, yuppies, and young kids all coexisting. One of the last places you'll find the laid back beach atmosphere. Shellback Tavern can also be fun although a bit more rowdy. Other honorable mentions include the Castle (not just divey, but depressing) and Hermosa Salon. Some like North End Bar (not to be confused with North End Cafe in MB) and Barnacles in Hermosa as well.

                Last and most important, I'd strongly encourage you to drive 10-20 minutes north, east, and south every once in a while to experience the amazing Japanese food that Gardena and Torrance have to offer. These areas have some of the best Japanese food in all of LA, from ramen shops to udon places to izakayas. Also worth mentioning are the Korean options, as well as some interesting pupuserias. It totally kills me when MB/HB/RB residents never leave the bubble and settle on a meal at the Kettle instead of checking out all the tasty places to the east.

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                1. re: young_chower

                  for me, going to mb is going out of my bubble.

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                    That's so interesting. I stumbled up Erocles a few months back. And it's dirt cheap and properly divey.

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                      Speaking of MB-area dive bars, you should give Falcon Inn (Rosecrans just E of 405) a try if you haven't already. Good dive-y fun, cheap beers, pool, greasy snacks, internet jukebox*, etc. with a truly extraordinary mix of clientele, which has been described more than once as [warning to the easily offended] "rednecks of all races". Just like Phillippe's, you walk in, look around, and think "God bless America".

                      * with millions of available songs, this one can be a potential goldmine... or minefield. Your faithful correspondent once found himself veryveryclose to getting tossed out by some grizzled regulars for playing the jazz-piano-trio version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by the Bad Plus. (Hey, don't knock it 'til you've heard it)

                        1. re: Bradbury

                          Funny, I remember the Falcon Inn's ad in the easy reader or daily breeze within the last year or two declaring new management. I've driven by it a million times and always wondered...

                          1. re: young_chower

                            Unfortunately they've converted it to the Falcon Cantina - no morse fried chicken, the mainstay of the place.

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                        Staying in this area soon. I read that Japanese food in Torrance is really good due to the auto plants. I've never tried izakaya but it is on the bucket list. Do you have any suggestions? Suggestions for a good pupuseria would be much appreciated too. Thanks!

                        1. re: Kat

                          Torihei and Musha are very good Izakaya, for a start.

                          Torihei - 1757 W Carson St, Ste A, Torrance, CA 90501
                          (310) 781-9407

                          Musha - 1725 W Carson St, Ste B, Torrance, CA 90501
                          (310) 787-7344

                          1. re: moreplease

                            And horon kushiage closed down right ???????

                        2. Thanks everyone! I was wondering about MB Meats. Ill give them a try too.

                          1. I'm a huge fan of Fishing with Dynamite. Going again tomorrow. Beautiful, fresh oysters, great service, incredible crab cake, good cocktails and lovely ambiance. Life always feels a little better when I'm there.

                            1. It's in Redondo Beach, but we loved the Hudson House....it's a gastropub.

                              1. We've been here 2 years and come from NYC obsessed with food. In general we've ended up going east and north for food. The local west of the 405 exceptions for us are:

                                Al Hamra Halal Cafe Artesia Blvd Redondo Beach

                                Grimaldi's Pizza El Segundo

                                El Amigo 4600 Manhattan Beach Blvd Lawndale

                                Some of the other local places mentioned I think are okay but okay at best. Now just east and south of us I agree there are a ton of places. Especially Japanese, Korean etc. I'll just agree with everything that's been said about those Asian options. Here are a few just east/north of us that might have not been mentioned.

                                My husband loves the sandwiches at
                                Giuliano's Delicatessen & Catering Gardena Blvd
                                Gardena (not the same as the Redondo Beach one). And I'm obsessed with Ethiopian Food at the moment so I want to give a shout out to Asli Cuisine, 630 N La Brea Ave #103, Inglewood. Best I've had and closer than Fairfax. Enjoy!