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Mar 22, 2014 12:10 PM

New to Hermosa/Manhattan Area

OK my fellow hounders. There are a couple of very old strings regarding Hermosa/Manhattan recommendations. I just moved to Hermosa and want to know where the good chow is and where the locals go. Local taco/burrito, local coffee, good fish, sushi, local dive bar, etc. I have faith in you guys.

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  1. MB Post! Lucky you!

    Fishing With Dynamite is also very good (tiny). Was there a few weeks back.

    1. Love the food at M B Post. Have heard mixed reviews on Fishing With Dynamite next door but haven't been. Petros has decent Mediterranean - better at lunch than dinner. Breakfast at Uncle Bill's is wonderful. The line is quicker than it appears.

      1. Echo the choices of Fishing With Dynamite, MMB Post, Petros and Uncle Bill's. Little Sister is also good for its take on Vietnamese. I keep meaning to try Circa and Darren's but usually (happily) wind up with one of the others.

        1. from what i understand, Gelato Lounge just opened a new place in Manhattan Beach.
          will get the address next time i hit up the marina location

          if you love dark chocolate, get the Chocolate Sorbetto (no dairy in this one).
          only available on the weekends these days.

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          1. re: westsidegal

            I have been to the Gelato Lounge, on Manhattan beach Boulevard across from Cafe Pierre. Very good, and the friendly people there give tastes.

            1. re: westsidegal

              WG, please let us know when you get the info.

            2. Locals Favorites:
              Martha's 22nd St Grill Hermosa
              Uncle Bill's Manhattan Beach
              North End Cafe Manhattan Beach
              FishBar Manhattan Beach
              Original Pancake House Redondo Beach
              Hudson House Redondo Beach
              El Burrito Jr. Redondo Beach
              Susie Cakes
              Grimaldi's Pizza El Segundo
              Big Wok Manhattan Beach
              MB Post
              Fishing with Dynamite
              Little Sister
              Manhattan Bread and Bagel
              Saigon Dish Lawndale
              El Pollo Inka Hermosa and Lawndale
              Al Noor Lawndale
              Pit Fire Pizza Manhattan Beach
              Lemonade Manhattan Beach
              Houston's Manhattan Beach

              welcome to the neighborhood

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              1. re: wienermobile

                Wiener this is a solid list. But you already knew that.

                I will add the New Orleans Cafe in Hermosa.

                1. re: wienermobile

                  Can I jump onto this post to ask another MB question please? I'm looking for a Sunday lunch spot with the family, mid to upper price range is fine, maybe seafood heavy, and preferably closer to the beach or the path where we can walk. I had looked at Fishbar which looks perfect other than the location.
                  Any suggestions much appreciated.
                  Thank you!

                  1. re: ScarletB

                    Fishing with Dynamite was mentioned multiple times above and would seem to fit your criteria perfectly.

                    1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                      I second this recommendation. FWD is awesome. Make reservations.

                      1. re: ScarletB

                        If I were having lunch in MB or Hermosa (walkable to the water), I would choose (in no particular order):

                        1. Gum Tree Cafe in Hermosa (counter service, not sit down) (just east of the pier);
                        2. Little Sister in MB (especially right now with the softshell crab banh mi);
                        3. MB Post;
                        4. Izakaya-Ya in MB;
                        5. The Strand House in MB if I wanted to impress someone with the ambience and view and did not care about what I was eating.

                        1. re: ANori

                          Thanks everyone! Reservation is made for FWD. :)