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Mar 22, 2014 11:19 AM

Great BBQ ribs in Vancouver ?

I had some from Bare Bones Bar-B-Q (food truck) in Bellingham this past week and it was absolutely fabulous:

Meat just fell right off the bones. Melts in mouth tender. Good (to me) balance of lean & fat bits. Dry-rubbed, not over-seasoned, in fact I'd prefer slight stronger seasoning. BBQ sauce on side helps to add flavor. Slaw is crunchy and only slight vinegary, again to my palate it could use more seasoning. But overall very decent cheap street eats ($9 for three ribs with a big mound of slaw).

So .... who locally offers succulent, flavorful ribs like these ? I'm not that impressed with those from Memphis Blues but they're at least consistent. My two times at The Hog Shack were so bad I'd never go back again. Ditto for Peckinpah. Had really good ribs at Dix years ago, but haven't been back. Have heard good things about Back Forty, haven't been yet.

Any reccs ?

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  1. Dix?? Closed years ago unfortunately.

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    1. re: flowbee

      Oh. Funny recently I drove by on way to Costco, and the letters on the side of the building are still there.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        I've been eyeing the Back Forty menu for a while too but haven't made it in. No other contenders, I fear, but thanks for the Bare Bones recco. Maybe repost it on PNW too for future reference??

    2. Peckinpah in Gastown is my go-to for 'cue (non-Asian variety), but I haven't had their ribs. Their BBQ sandwiches are decent.

      1. Our BBQ scene is pathetic! Peckinpah and Memphis are sad excuses for good BBQ.

        However, you all probably recall that just a few years ago, Vancouver had no good pizza check us out!

        Perhaps a BBQ renaissance is approaching!?

        1. Sherman's Food Adventures recently reviewd Buckstop and had some good things to say about their BBQ.

          1. hi LR - where is Bare Bones usually parked in BLI?

            are they open on Sundays?

            I know where T-Joes is located

            does one just call their hotline ph number?
            318 something

            ps - edit to add - I think I just answered my own question - looks like 'no Sundays"

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            1. re: Georgia Strait

              Thanks GS, I didn't even realize they have a website in addition to their Facebook page (where I follow their whereabouts). Not surprised Kelly takes Sundays off, he's up at the crack of dawn, getting his supplies and his cooking going, setting up at Applied, etc. and doesn't get home in Ferndale until 7-8pm. A God-fearin' man and real trooper.

              He used to do a lot of the interior design/renovations work for the Boston Pizza chain across Canada, so he's no stranger to the 'Nucks culture.

              Applied Digital Imaging is just down from TJ's, along State, just south of Ohio. On same side of street as Market Fuel:


              Tell him "Ken from the Great White North" says hi.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                geez, I'd buy a lot more printer toner and paper supplies if there were ribs at our local shop ; )

                ps - I noted on the calendar that the Guide Meridian location is super handy and easy to find - basically straight north of Target and Costco - and a few traffic circles south of the popular Edaleen Dairy - it specifies location-dates on their calendar (rib web URL)

                thank you - I think we are going on Sunday so it appears no ribs that day - however, we will check out some oysters at the fav place on Chuckanut Dr.

                thank you!

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  No problemo, GS.

                  BTW, Edaleen is opening up a new store in Blaine. I dunno know the location address (not that it'll be hard to find ....). Anticipated opening date is early Fall.