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Jan 3, 2003 06:44 PM

what's all the rage in montreal??

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i want to take a friend for a fancy dinner somewhere with really good food, that is hip, popular and very NOW - any suggestions??

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  1. If you can handle the fact that the waitstaff are just working there until they are discovered, The Globe on St. Laurent might fit the bill. It has a vibrant bar scene and is very see and be seen. The food is good, but it`s the atmosphere that many of the 20-30somethings in the city seem to want to be a part of. On the more laid back Ave Laurier, I would recomend La Chronique for fantastic food in a great space and wonderfully matched wines. Of course, there is always Au Pied de Cochon, a neighborhood type of place with fantastic hearty and innovative menu. It is on Duluth E of St Denis. Downtown, your best bet would be Ferreira (Portugese) on Peel between de Maisonneuve and St. Catherine. The space is aesthetically nice but can get very crowded on weekends. Hope this helps. Enjoy!


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      thanks a lot, that is very helpful!

    2. Not having been there, I can't pronounce on its hipness (tho' it's probably pretty high) or popularity, but if buzz is anything to go by, Montreal's nowest dining establishment has to be Rosalie, which is located in a gorgeous mansion-like building (formerly a disco and at one time a funeral home) on de la Montaigne south of Ste-Catherine. No expense has been spared in renovating the joint; word on the street puts the bill within shooting distance of $2 million. The chef is none other than Globe's David McMillan. Here's what he posted on another board just before Christmas:

      "hello everybody, well i think were opening on the 27th, the restaurant is two floors with a lounge bar upstairs with a cozy fireplace and couches, downstairs there are 160 seats a bit art nouveau bistro design, the menu is fairly large and very french in style (acceptable french for montreal) whatever that means, we have beautiful wooden tables that are made from recycled lumber from the old angus yards, they used to be the ceiling planks, there also is a large terrase in summer, i apologize the web site is not online yet, later this week i hope, i will also post menu soon, on gullet, i hope the restaurant is true to downtown montreal, i sincerly hope (although i might dismally fail) that the restaurant is an acurate portrayal of a good montreal restaurant, any way thats what im workin towards, la cuisine montrealaise, my mom told me that there should be a good montreal restaurant downtown..... it took me a few months to figure it out............ please wish me luck,we have spent alot of moolah renovating that hole...... see you soon"

      Their website still isn't up. When it is it'll be at

      Two places in Old Montreal to add to O'Malley's list: Cube (minimalist chic/maximalist pricey decor and food) and Chez L'Épicier (the "cadre" may be less hip than Cube's but the place is phenomenally popular and the cooking could hardly be nower). Back on the St-Laurent strip, Mediterraneo and Savannah would also probably meet your criteria.

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        > Here's what he posted on another board just before Christmas:

        Oh, C'mon, Carswell, don't tease us, tell us where else we should be reading! :)

        1. re: John Green

          Hey, watch who you're callin' a tease, man! The answer's in the post for the observant:

          >i will also post menu soon, on gullet

          In other words, the quote comes from e-gullet's Montreal, Quebec and Eastern Canada board (clickable link below).

          In the interim, there's been a positive report from one diner, whose experience may not be representative, as he's a chef (about to open his own resto, Les Chèvres, on Van Horne, just down the street from Christophe) and a friend of Chef McMillan.

          Sorry for the delay in replying, btw. I had originally included a long paragraph about the e-gullet MQ&ECB and its moderator, Lesley Chesterman (better known as the Gazoo's fancy restaurant critic). After sleeping on it, I decided to delete the paragraph and let you make up your own mind. Would be interested in hearing your or anybody else's reaction--if you feel like discussing it, we could start a new thread.


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          david mcmillan

          it cost1 million,and were doin well ,i like this board,interesting,i think were hip,or not ,if anyone has any questions i will do my best to answer them.thank you