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Mar 22, 2014 10:16 AM


Was going to make them, but the method that I want to follow includes the words "the next morning....."

Where can I find a nice brioche in interior Austin? I'd need about 8 for a dinner party.

Actually, the method isn't that bad - it just sits up overnight and is ready for glazing and baking the next day. Kind of like making a dish the day before and reheating. Its just that I do not have brioche tins, but they are cheap and I can just buy some.

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  1. Central Market sometimes has them. I don't know how good they are though.

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    1. re: kosheri

      I'll drop by and see, it isn't too far away. Actually looking for a round brioche without the fluted bottom, or some other sweetish bread that can be used like a burger bun. So, I'm expanding my search to include that.

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        Ah, CM also has challah rolls. Their hamburger buns are actually a little sweet too.

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          I think that challah rolls would have been a better choice....

    2. It has been a loooong time since i have tried them, but upper crust used to have good brioche and brioche rolls.

      1. The Sprouts in Round Rock carries them, not sure if thats the case with all Sprouts.

        1. Follow up - I can tell you that the Central Market brioche are lame, under flavored, and overpriced. Why do I keep getting sckered into their deal? Should have listened to TroyTempest and lixlix. My pork/shrimp burgers were great, but sullied by another Central Market bread failure. Sorry to be so bitchy about it, but the brioche tasted like elementary school rolls. Actually, my elementary school rolls were much better.

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            Oh no! Sorry they sucked. I agree that CM has a lot of bread that's not as good as it looks. The challah rolls are really good when fresh though. And so are the hamburger buns, especially the onion ones (when they have them). OT, the German 6-grain bread is also excellent. I'll add brioche to the bad list.

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              Thanks for the moral support, kosheri. I think that the challah would have been better.