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Mar 22, 2014 10:03 AM

First visit - Food itinerary

Longtime Chowhound lurker, and I'm finally registering to ask for your advice on our upcoming NOLA trip!

My husband and I are 31/29, making our first trip May 8-13, and leaving our kids at home. We're staying at the Hyatt French Quarter. Husband will be at a conference over morning/lunch on Saturday and Monday, so I'll be on my own for lunch those days. We will have breakfast vouchers for Powdered Sugar at the Hyatt for each day of our stay, if we want to use them.

Here is what we are thinking -
Thurs (8th) - our flight arrives at 7:10 pm - open to dinner ideas - anything good close to our hotel?
Fri (9th) - lunch at Restaurant August, dinner at Emerils
Sat (10th) - lunch - ? (I will be solo), dinner - ?
Sun (11th) - brunch at Muriels (this is also Mothers Day), dinner - ?
Mon (12th) - lunch - ?, dinner - Commanders Palace
Tues (13th) - we fly out early, 8 am

We've been told to try Port of Call and Johnny's Po Boys while we're there. We've considered Bayona and Coquette for Saturday dinner. Any other "can't miss" meals? We're up for fancy or not fancy - just like good food!


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    1. GW Fins, Galatoires and R'evolution are close by for Thurs dinner. I'd go to Fins. Rsv a window table. Arnaud's French 75 is across the street for after dinner cocktails.

      Skip breakfast, have an early lunch at August and a late-ish dinner at Emeril's ( only way to do both in the same day).

      Commander's is best for lunch (M-F) or brunch (S-S). Dinner is disappointing.

      Skip Muriels.

      Solo lunch : Domenica, Cochon Butcher, Herbsaint (Closed Sat). Alternatively, take the Canal streetcar to K Jeans on Carrollton, pick up some crawfish to enjoy at City Park. You can walk there or catch the next streetcar.

      Pick up a muffaletta from Central Grocery. Put it in your mini frig. for snacking or to take home. They keep/travel well. Quadruple wrap. They are rather " fragrant". Best eaten room temp.

      Coquette has good food and creative cocktails.
      Make all rsv. asap.

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        I would agree with everything Jazzy says, esp the part about skipping Muriel's. I know there are many who espouse this place, but I would do all in my power to avoid it myself. Of all the dozens and dozens of places we've dined in NOLA, Muriel's stood out as a stark letdown.

      2. Thursday dinner: Sylvain. Reservations available on Figure on 9pm given a 7:10pm arrival. (They're open late if your flight is delayed.)

        Friday lunch: Chochon. Reservations available on

        Friday dinner: Restaurant August. Reservations available on

        Saturday lunch:

        Saturday dinner: Brigtsen's. You have to call for reservations.

        Sunday brunch: I'm not big into fancy brunches (especially on a day like Mother's Day, which will be even zooier than normal). I'd just go to Surrey's, and will have to rely on others if you want a true brunch.

        Sunday dinner: Clancy's. You have to call for reservations.

        Monday lunch: Johnny's Poboys (unless you have the inkling to travel to Domelise's or Parkway Bakery)

        Monday dinner: Bacchanal (and Helen Gillet on the solo cello). No reservations necessary.