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Mar 22, 2014 09:06 AM

How Hard, Really, Is It To Provide A Tap List In Seattle?

OK, so it's pet peeve time...

One of mine is local pubs and restos that do not provide a beer tap list. The kabuki dance that attends *not* having one has been getting comical of late. I have recently had servers who: (a) don't know the beer rundown without looking themselves; (b) omit selections by going from rote memory; (c) offer beers that aren't there--and serve one glass short when they return; and (d) put me through a supercilious "beer vetting" interrogation where they pretend to be a Sommelier and presume I only like one style beer, e.g., IPAs (visualize the eyeroll when I say "Oh, I like a bunch of types; it depends on what you have.")

Considering that many places print daily menus anyway, and that most of those who don't *do* have printed wine lists or table-tented beverage menus, I just don't get the failure to provide a current tap list.

Yes, I know handles change, kegs blow, etc. But how hard is it, really, to at least post a board where a patron can just read and choose? When in doubt, have a "Rotator" or "Specials" category, so the poor server can get on with things?

Does this rankle anyone else?


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  1. I don't drink a lot of beer, but I'm far more likely to order a beer if I can tell what's on offer without asking. Got that, business owners? YOU MAKE A LIST, YOU SELL MORE BEER! (So in answer to your question Kaleo...yes, it does.)

    1. Yeah, but I've sort of given up on this. I often try to steal a glance at the taps on my way into a restaurant, but that has limited success.

      Honestly though, I just feel privileged to live in a city where even many of the least beer conscious bars and restaurants have solid beers like Manny's or Mac & Jack on tap.

      1. Of course, even a printed menu isn't perfect. At Quinn's, you should always ask if they have anything that isn't on the list. The answer is almost always "yes". A few places solve this problem simply by printing the next beers to go on draft alongside the current taps.

        1. I would guess that the servers at Diamond Knot (3 locations) know what's on tap.

          The new location in Mountlake Terrace is busy, making parking for next door DD Meats difficult on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

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          1. re: paulj

            Hi, Paul:

            Coincidentally, I was at the Front Street Diamond Knot on Sunday, and they maintain a list.

            I want to try the other locations because, as much as like the original, parking there is usually a maddening experience--the capacious, always-empty WSF/monthly lot directly behind the joint, the ginormous always-full park lot adjacent, and practically zero on-street parking mock me every visit.

            Are the other DK locations nice?


            1. re: kaleokahu

              The MLT location is a newly renovated restaurant space in a small strip mall, not far off of I5. Until recently the busiest business in that mall was DD Meats (well known for its large hot sauce selection). Unfortunately DD's busiest time (when people buy steaks for the weekend) are also busy restaurant times.

              Parking is ok. At busiest times the immediate parking area is full, but there are plenty of overflow options.