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Mar 22, 2014 06:04 AM

Pizza Truck Catering in CT

Can anyone suggest a good pizza truck for catering a party for a mix of adults and kids in Southern/Western CT? I'm particularly interested in hearing experiences with Victoria's Wood Fired Pizza, The Pizza Truck Company, and Big Green Pizza Truck. Besides taste, I'm interested in reliability, quality of service and quality of food.

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  1. I've been to a few functions with the Big Green Pizza Truck that were very enjoyable. Their pizzas are high quality New Haven style, and they were accommodating about making oddball topping requests (like a tomato pie with anchovies). I had no role in organizing the events, so I can't speak to the logistical and pricing issues, though.

    1. The Big Green Pizza Truck (actually, there are several of them, they're so busy) is a great option. They are a hit at summer gatherings, graduation parties, etc., and the pizza is AMAZING!! Mt son graduated high school last year and they had the truck at many events. They serve pizza, salad, expresso and gelato for dessert. It's not cheap and I think you need 50 people minimum. Best part is that they do EVERYTHING - you just have to supply beverages. I wouldd have done this for my son's party if I had been savvy at the time.