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Mar 22, 2014 05:59 AM

Jamaica-best all inclusive for food?

Planning a last minute trip with my adventurous 12 year old. Looks like our best bet will be an all inclusive from a price/convenience perspective. Never done one before. Anyone with recent experience? We would love a place that offers local cuisine-jerk chicken, curry goat stew, beef patties, etc.

Currently looking at the following but am open to anything.
RIU palace
Rose hall
The caves
Negril palms

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  1. Iberostar is your best bet of the list. They will all have a dumbed-down version of "local" but Iberostar wins for consistency of food, service and repeat business. Large resorts obviously have to cater to a diverse population and the food reflects that. There are better choices but they are not kid-friendly. Have fun!

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    1. re: gourmanda

      Thanks. Waiting to hear back from our agent.

      I did keep running into the adults only aspect which was a bummer as those seemed, at least "on paper", to have nicest beaches and amenities. Figures they would have the best food as well!

    2. Having lived and worked and traveled in the Caribbean since 87, I will say the best chance of getting local food is at breakfast when sometimes, the hotels will have saltfish and Ackee. Patties, I doubt it, perhaps the other dishes on occasion but here's my rec; when you arrive, ask the kitchen staff if they can serve you staff meals. I did that once in Jamaica. We also had a private cook at Round Hill and we had local food the entire time. It was heaven. Otherwise I know for sure Negril has some great local spots for lunches. Not a personal fan of AI so wish you'd reconsider and dine miss out so much being stuck in the hotel, IMHO. The only place I do MAP is at The Reefs in Bermuda. We have stayed in Jamaica a bunch of times and loved dining around. I will say, don't drive (I did!)..The Junta cabs are insane. Take taxis wherever you go ... :)

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      1. re: phelana

        Trust me- all inclusive is not my first choice. Never done one before because the idea is like a cruise to me. Who want to to be stuck on floating hotel for a week? ugh

        However for last minute travel (we want to leave this Monday) I can't make the flights and hotels work w/o paying 3x cost of an AI package which includes the airfare. So if it means AI or to not to go at all I choose AI, LOL. I am so done with this winter!!

        Good tip on the staff meals though, thank you

        1. re: foodieX2

          Foodiex2, you can do AI but dine around. Go for it..and drink lots of Ting...

      2. Well you snooze you lose. My flights fell thru which changed the package. I opted for Rose Hall but by the time I went to commit I couldn't get in anywhere for under $7K which for 4 nights with a 12 year old seemed at little steep, LOL

        So we are off to Aruba. Looks like there are number of updates on here that are pretty recent so am hoping to try a few.

        Phelena- have you ever spent time there?

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          Yes, I live in Bonaire when not on Cape Cod in the Dutch Caribbean now. I loved Driftwood, Mirandi, and Que Pasa. Enjoy....

          1. re: phelana

            Thanks! (and I'm a Vineyard girl!)