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Visiting Champlin in May

Visiting Champlin in May and recs for breakfast lunch and dinner besides Mall of America

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  1. I would not miss this place. House of Curry in Rosemount. Not all that far from Champlin.

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      According to Google maps, it is 44 miles and about an hour drive.

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        Yes I said it wasn't that far only 44 miles about 18 miles from the Mall of America which was mentioned. It's 285 miles to Des Moines, now that's far

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          while in des moines please try La Mie bakery. excellent...


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            Reason I mentioned Mall of America is I been there several times and have eaten in most of the places there.

      2. Rosemount is on the opposite side of the metroplex from Champlin, and that would be a long drive. In Champlin itself is Q Fanatic, an above-average BBQ joint.

        Apart from that, if you could let us know what you'll be doing, how far you want to drive, etc. Near to Champlin is Maple Grove, which has its share of chain restaurants, but there are some locally-owned places as well like Three Squares.

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          i am not sure we can call the twin cities and suburbs a metroplex but rosemount is certainly on the other side.

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            This place is extremely casual (think Subway?), but their roast beef sandwiches are seriously good. Cheap, fast, friendly service:


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            Just visiting family and I would like to take them to either dinner, lunch or breakfast, but dinner would be 1st.
            They probably have their favorites but I would like to go someplace they have might have not gone.
            Diners drive in and dives had that bowling place so 45mins to 1 hr drive can be ok and price up to 25 person.

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              An hour drive will get you anywhere in the metro area. $25 per person will preclude some of the best restaurants in the cities but there is still a lot to choose from.

              Dinner - 128 Cafe in Saint Paul. He's doing some amazing things there. The menu changes frequently but there is always a good variety (as you might need for a family). It's a hidden gem so it's likely your people haven't been there. Be sure to make a reservation; it's small.

              Lunch - Tilia in Minneapolis. They don't take reservations so don't go at noon if your group is large. They have the same menu for lunch & dinner but it's much less crowded at lunchtime.

          3. Some family members have recommended Buona Sera Ristorante in Champlin to me. Web-based reviews look good also. Looks to be in your price range. I keep forgetting to try it...I love Italian cuisine and live nearby! Maybe they have not either? Have fun in the Twin Cities!

            1. For breakfast, Fat Nat's is great. Not exactly Champlin, but worth the short-ish drive.


              1. truffles and tortes in Anoka. Just bypass the sandwiches and go straight for the chocolate mascarpone cake.

                1. Just got back from visiting my brother in Champlin. It's CHAMPLIN not Champlain, as my brother corrects me with my pidgin accent. Boy these transplanted Hawaiians. Just miss all the snow and rain. Even got sunburned on Monday with the temp up to 68 degrees.
                  Here's what /where we ate- ( I did not pick these places)
                  Friday- Lunch
                  Lunch Trucks (12) Downtown MSP -
                  Ordered from Nordest BBQ Truck - (not on yelp)
                  Pork BBQ sandwich -ok
                  Beef Brisket BBQ sandwich -ok
                  Beef Brisket Taco salad- where's the beef
                  Brownie- standard
                  Ordered from Tappanyaki Truck- (not on yelp)
                  Chicken tappanyaki -ok
                  Have to try the other truck next time..

                  Dinner- The Crave- Mall Of America
                  Sushi Boat and entrees are expensive and portions are small- just ok.

                  Saturday Lunch - Bulldog N.E. on Hennepin Ave
                  Hot dish Tater Tots
                  5 assorted Burgers, Chili Hot dog, Fried Chicken sandwich
                  Beer and soda
                  I like the place and would go back.

                  Dinner- Texas Roadhouse in Coons Rapids
                  Roasted peanuts- complimentary
                  Cactus Blossom
                  2-Fort Worth rib eye steaks
                  1-Sirloin steak
                  1- 1/2 rack BBQ pork ribs
                  1- Fried chicken steak
                  1-1/2 roasted chicken
                  Cocktails and beer
                  no room for dessert
                  Would go back and maybe try the 20 oz ribeye just for the hell of it.

                  Sunday- Pot Luck Dinner- Spring/summer cabin at a 3 par golf course
                  Hot Artichoke crab dip, Teriyaki chicken, Hawaiian Mac Salad, Asian slaw, cheese, sausage, crackers, chips

                  Monday- Dinner - Enjoy Chinese in Champlin
                  Cream cheese won ton
                  Pork Lo Mein
                  Sesame chicken
                  Shrimp fried rice
                  Shrimp with lobster sauce
                  Beef with oyster sauce
                  Was ok-My Brother knows the owner so got a family discount.
                  I'm spoiled about Chinese food since I live in LA

                  Airplane food sucks so I brought my own sandwich on both flights.

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                    Oh my. It appears you didn't get to any of the places recommended here. Maybe next time.

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                        You missed out on a lot of good chow. Texas Roadhouse??? Wow.

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                          Sometimes you just have to open your wallet.

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                            Thanks for posting about your visit anyway. That is part of what I like about chowhound and traveling. You always learn something, even if it's not about the food.

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                        "I'm spoiled about Chinese food since I live in LA"

                        LOL...That's like someone from Minnesota going to LA and judging Chinese there by going to a Happy Panda, China Express, etc.

                        We have good Sichuan Chinese restaurants in town and many other restaurants of note. Next time I would insist on trying something worthwhile.

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                          I am sorry to learn of your trip. better luck next time.