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Mar 21, 2014 11:23 PM

A few unusual cravings

Aloha everyone!

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I moved to Kauai a few years ago. I will be spending almost a week in the Crescent City soon for a conference. While I will be enjoying many local New Orleans meals, I have a few food cravings that I cannot satisfy where I live now. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Chicago style pizza.
Lebanese or Greek food.


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  1. I don't think you will find good Chicago style pizza in New Orleans but maybe I am wrong, good pizza places have popped up recently so maybe there is one doing Chicago style.
    That's worst like going to Chicago and looking for a good poboy, it's all about the bread and you aren't going to find that anywhere else.

    1. So I don't know anything at all about Chicago pizza (except that there's some question it's actually pizza) but people do say good things about the Midway's "Chicago Style" pizza. Most recently ian mcnulty over at the Advocate:

      To add to the mystique of ignorance hanging over this post, I haven't been myself -- perhaps someone else can chime in?

      1. Where are you staying and will you have a car?

        As far as I know we don't have any Hungarian restaurants here.

        My favorite Greek/Lebanese/Middle Eastern places are Acropolis and Albasha, but they are both in Metairie. There are many other options in town though. Byblos on Magazine St. is nice if you're shopping or sightseeing in the Garden District. Others are Mona's (several locations, one on Frenchmen near the Quarter), Lebanon's, Babylon, and Attiki. All are fine, none is standout in my opinion.

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          Agreed, those places are satisfactory when we locals want the taste and don't want to cook it ourselves, but they aren't at the level of restaurants in areas with larger Greek/MiddleEastern populations.

          There are no Hungarian restaurants here and having Hungarian roots and being from the same general area you were from I cook my own when the urge strikes. I have several Hungarian cookbooks and recently got one from the 50's translated from Hungarian. Typical of early cookbooks, keep up your stock of lard and typical of early cookbooks you may have trouble finding some ingredients like chicken beaks!

          An advantage of New Orleans is catching cabbages at the St. Patrick's Day parades and putting them in the freezer. When you are ready to make stuffed cabbage you have wilted cabbage leaves.

        2. No Hungarian.
          Only one Chicago style pizzeria of any note: Midway: Peoples opinions vary widely on whether it is any good.
          Lebanese or Greek: we have plenty, as long as you're not looking for high-end or refined. Many are Palestinian as opposed to Lebanese. A quick Yelp search will reveal how dang many Mediterranean places are in NOLA. A few to note:
          --Mona's: multiple locations around town, including one on Frenchman St.
          --Cafe Lebanon, uptown on Carrollton. It's the same veg-friendly pan-middle-eastern joint you find near practically every college campus in a town of any size.
          Slightly different is Jamila's, a Morroccan place on Maple Street. Just a few blocks off the streetcar line. I love the merguez.

          1. As mentioned, no Hungarian but it dawned on me as we were eating there last night that Kukhnya (in the back of Siberia) serves food that might feed your craving. They bill themselves as "Slavic Soul Food" and are very good (and cash only).