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Mar 21, 2014 10:44 PM

Governor's Table Select pots- aluminium or stainless steel?

I have a set of Governor's Table Select pots that I received as a wedding gift in 1999. Lately I'm paying more attention to dangerous chemicals and metals in food preparation items. I'm trying to find out if these pots are aluminium or stainless steel. It's a Bay brand so I emailed them, but they said that they don't carry them any more and they don't know.

Does anyone know the answer?

Thanks in advance!

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    1. This?

      If so, it's 18/8 stainless with an aluminum core disc base.

      Why the concern over aluminum? Those theories have been debunked.

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      1. re: phofiend

        Do u have any links to the debunked aluminum theories? I also use aluminum free baking powder when I cook.

        1. re: VeganVick

          Do you have any links to peer reviewed studies that demonstrate the supposed dangers? That would be the place to start.

          Scaring people is easy... Unscaring them... Not so easy.

      2. I have those and they are marked on the bottom of the pot : Copper Stainless Steel "Tri-Ply" Base
        manufactured in Hong Kong,

        I find they are my best pots, and I have others that are not as good, as these, but I paid, much, much more for !