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Mar 21, 2014 09:29 PM

Walrus & Carpenter revisited

For the record -- opening time on a Thursday in March is evidently an EXCELLENT time to go to W & C if you don't want a wait.

Going on past experience I went a little early (3:45 or so), expecting a line (last time I was there was in August; got there at 3:30-ish and was back down the hallway). This time there were a mere 3 groups ahead of me (a family of 4, a couple and a threesome), so I easily got a seat (of course it helped that I was dining solo this time around, but for the majority of the hour + that I was there there were empty tables and seats at the bar).

Raw oysters -- delightful as always.

Fried brussel sprouts -- good, but definitely not the best brussel sprouts I've had. There were a LOT, tho'; in fact, too many for me to tackle on my own.

Seared scallops with butter, marjoram, chanterelles & pea vines -- SO SO GOOD. I could've eaten about 3 more servings of these, if I could've afforded it!

"Spaghetti Western" cocktail (rye, Campari, sweet vermouth, ginger beer) -- I was a little afraid it might end up too sweet, but it was a nice balance of sweet/bitter. I enjoyed it.

Cinnamon bread pudding with butter espresso sauce and whipped cream -- decadent, but not too heavy. It was almost more like some kind of fancy french toast, because the bread seemed to be an intact slice. The sauce was very delightfully buttery, and without being too coffee bitter. Very nice (though I still crave the roasted dates I tried on a previous visit).

Another delightful visit. If I still lived in Seattle and could afford it, I would be eating at W & C ALL THE TIME.

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  1. Their steak tartare is also exquisite and served as a substantial portion... another dish not to be tackled alone.

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      Yes -- have had that in the past (with dining companions) so I knew better. Ha!

      The benefits of going alone: easier to get a seat, if something is really good you get it all to yourself (if those scallops had been shared we really would've had to get more). The benefit of going with a group -- getting to try more things!