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Visiting Portland for a few days...

pikawicca Mar 21, 2014 08:15 PM

Dinner at Paley's Place. Have wanted to eat here since I purchased their cookbook years ago, and liked everything I made from it. The restaurant did not disappoint. Lovely space, great service and nice cocktails. I started with a half order of the Fenne/Sunchoke Ravioli -- very rich, but delicious. Followed it up with a half order of Steelhead with Cauliflower Puree and Charred Brussels Sprouts. I liked this a lot, and I love the idea of being able to order half portions. My son had the green salad and Seared Tuna with Freekah Salad. The fish was perfectly cooked, but I'm pretty sure the grain was barley, not freekah (which I've cooked quite a bit). A mere quibble, though, as we both enjoyed our meal.

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  1. c oliver RE: pikawicca Mar 21, 2014 08:41 PM


    1. grayelf RE: pikawicca Mar 26, 2014 08:14 AM

      Sounds worthy. I've had it on my giant Pdx list for a while. Would you care to comment on the ambience/room at all?

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        cobpdx RE: grayelf Mar 26, 2014 03:51 PM

        It is in a quaint old converted house. Nice, cozy interior with tables in "front" and in "back" (behind the bar area).

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