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Mar 21, 2014 06:59 PM

Interesting & really tasty regional cusine in Salt Lake City or Provo?

Howdy folks,

I didn't see a lot of current posts, so I thought I'd create a new thread.

Visiting family this summer (we're from SF Bay Area) and looking for reasonable priced tween friendly places that are unique to the area or too delicious to miss. Mostly lunch and dinner, but if you have a fantastic diner breakfast to recommend, I'm all ears. Thanks!

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  1. Penny Ann's Cafe springs to immediate mind for a great breakfast diner. Small family run operation, great prices, try their 'heavenly hotcakes' and don't miss their house made pies, especially Key Lime.

    For other recs do you have cuisines preferences/budget range/area pre?


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      We're pretty open but need to find things recognizable to an 11 yr old. American, Thai, German, Mexican, Italian (my husband LOVES pizza) BBQ Budget: anywhere from $5-18 or so per person.
      Our family lives in South Salt Lake, so closer options would be nice. However if the food is super good, we'd make the effort.
      Also looking for a place for a "Meet all of our extended family" dinner. Is Lion House or Big Apple Pizza reasonably eatable or would you suggest something else?

    2. SoSL (im trying to popularize that ;) is a good central location to get to all the good spots. I'll just give you a run down of some favorites of mine and some that meet your categories:

      BBQ. R&R BBQ
      A piece I wrote for the trib

      Thai. Bon Appe Thai
      Another one of mine

      I'd give the nod to Settebello downtown, thin crust Neapolitan style pizza, very well regarded. Vinto is also highly rated, just outside of downtown, and their desserts are spectacular.

      The Red Iguana is probably the stand out restaurant for this cuisine, North and West of downtown SLC, good for moles and more unique dishes.

      Hit up Crown Burgers, local chain all over town that popularized pastrami burgers. They're Greeks so also do good gyros and the menu is everything from onion rings to shakes to tuna melts. Its not haute cuisine but is Utah through and through (see fry sauce ;


      Penny Ann's who I mentioned earlier for breakfast do killer lunches too - reuben and onion rings is my goto ;)

      Not been personally, but Bohemian Brewery up in Midvale gets good reviews and brews their own beers, you will see em in grocery stores too, but in a similar vein...

      Finca is a good tapas spot, another of mine:

      across the road from Finca is also Kyoto, another fave of mine personally, Japanese:

      Wow, what a lot of shameless promotion that was :) Seriously, if you have anything more specific let me know and I will advise.

      Stuart |

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        Cool! So it looks like the Comfort Suites at the airport will be our base and we'll drive the 7 miles over to the in-laws' house.
        Found a few interesting places I'd like your opinion on: Navajo Hogan, Pat's BBQ, Siegfried's, Hires Big H and Hatch Family Chocolate.

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          Navajo Hogan - I've never been myself but its well regarded for the cuisine they do. One of my writers covered it a while ago:

          Pat's BBQ. I've never been a huge fan. It's very casual, picnic bench type seating and often there is music - which you have to pay the cover to eat there (check their site). Since being featured on Guy Fieri its my (anecdotal) guess they've coasted. I find the food at R&R ten times better if its just the good food you're after first and foremost. The vibe at Pats is probably preferable if theres music on.

          Siegfrieds is a little deli/market/eatery in central downtown SLC. Its quite acceptable for a quick casual meal, a lunch or early evening meal while you check out downtown perhaps. Ive had lunch there a few times, a brat and a beer and a slice of cake :


          Hires - I cannot stand. I know many a Utahn who hold it up as something awesome, but I wonder if its childhood nostalgia. I'm not a Utah native and the many many times I've ended up at Hires, I've questioned my own sanity/tastebuds. Very mediocre burgers and abysmal french fries - but again, some locals would say the exact opposite. They do have car hops, and its pretty old timey, so theres kitsch value there is thats what you're after. For what's ostensibly fast food I always cry over the receipt there too.

          Hatch Family Chocolates is good, their sea salted caramels are my favorites. If you're up in the avenues Cucina Deli and a Avenues Bistro on third are also worth a look in for pleasant meals (both neighborhood bistro places). Right next door to Hatch is Avenues Proper Pub. Its a restaurant that would led the younger ones in, but they do brew their own beers which are decent. The food is good to great but the prices are spendy.

          www, |