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Mar 21, 2014 06:28 PM

CultureMap Story

Todays culturemap has a story about HEB being rated best grocery store in America by Business Insider. Where is the store that is featured in the article?

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  1. Looks like most of the indoor pics and the first front of the store pic are of the 51st street location at Mueller airport.


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      Yes definitely. I couldn't find that late last night, being a wee bit gimlet-eyed. Good article, though. Makes me appreciate HEB even more; a working stiff's purveyor. My sister shops at Randall's because she lives near 6th and MoPac. Granted, the oltorf congress HEB is weird. I tell her that she is paying over 10% more to shop there. It is hard to purchase something there when you remember the price at HEB for the same thing. I'm also fortunate to be 3 min from burnet/2222 HEB. I'm often there at least twice a day.

    2. I love HEB, but this is more of an "xx reasons why xx is great" opinions piece than a "rating." For example, reasons why it's the best include "Texas shaped tortilla chips" and "funny promotions."

      The link I'm referring to: