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Mar 21, 2014 05:48 PM

Travel Gifts

Going to Japan in 2 weeks and wondering about where in Vancouver to buy suitable food related gifts (maple sugar cookies come to mind) for the grandchildren of hosts? Complicating factor is that we're connecting through SEA so cannot buy anything duty free at YVR for security reasons. Guess what I am looking for is a "Canadiana food shop" suitable for children's gifts and something which won't suffer being schlepped around for almost 2 weeks before it is gifted (so chocolates might be a problem). Any ideas much appreciated

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  1. To my knowledge, the only issue is with liquids over 3oz. I'd think the YVR airport would have plenty of what you're looking for. But at a price.

    1. YVR shops both before and after security will have maple products including maple suger cookies and maple syrup sets of 3 small bottles of 100 ml each - security friendly. We've bough those for fiends' kids that were well received.

      Also I don't know about YVR, but I've bought larger liquids in regional UK airports where I had connecting flights in London (and going through security again due to arriving and departing from different terminals) - they placed it in a secure sealed bag that was not to be opened until I was at my destination.

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      1. Edible Canada shop at Granville Island
        Maple Delights (Hornby Street?)
        The local products aisle/display at Save On Foods and Urban Fare.
        Hills Specialty Foods, factory shop in Port Coquitlam

        As for products
        Smoked salmon in the shelf-stable packs
        Elk or bison jerky
        also, various types of preserves made from indigenous fruits and berries
        granulated maple sugar
        canadian ice wine or craft spirits, in the duty free at SEA

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          I'm pretty sure Maple Delights on Hornby is now the new Fauborg but there's still a MD down on Water St somewhere.

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            oh yes, right! MD on Water Street is the only location.

          2. re: KarenDW

            Some London Drugs have displays of maple sugar products (the one at Broadway and Vine for example) which are probably decently priced, though I haven't checked.

            I wouldn't worry about schlepping chocs around for a couple of weeks if they're packed properly. Edible Canada has some nifty ones, both local and cross-Canada.

          3. TBS (the bargain shop) sells Dare brand maple leaf cookies - TBS is owned by New York company - however Dare seems to be Cdn based

            we have blind tasted the trader joe maple cookes vs dare - and it seems same to us

            i notice that the Cdn Girl Guide classic cookies (choc and vanilla) are for sale right now - i saw them at a school the other day

            that might be an interesting gift for someone overseas

            edit to add - i have to laugh at myself here because i read many posts about fancy food - tho i think there are likely many of us who have a sentimental taste for things like GG cookies - many of us have bought and/or sold them.

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            1. As recommended earlier, Edible Canada is probably a good bet.

              I love to bring people a little jar of maple butter as a Canadiana gift. It's so so so delicious, and it's more unusual/exciting than the usual maple syrup.

              It's not necessarily light, but it's probably no heavier than an equivalent amount of syrup. It also won't get mussed up during travel.