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Mar 21, 2014 03:56 PM

Healdsburg - dinner one night?

There don't seem to be too many recent threads about Healdsburg - any suggestions for dinner? Had lunch at The Shed.... very good!

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  1. Here's the search results limited to just the past two years to pop up the most recent discussions. Let us know what works for you.

    1. I had a very good dinner at Baci last month. There were 5 of us, and we shared a few of the family style-type dishes. I didn't do the ordering so I don't know exactly what they were called, but everything was good to very good, prices seemed fair for the area when perusing the menu (but I didn't pay the bill, either) and service was very good. It certainly isn't a "culinary experience" type of place, but I wouldn't hesitate to return if I'm up in the area for dinner.

      1. Had a wonderful dinner and Portuguese wines BTG at Cafe Lucia just last week. Hidden away a block off the southwest corner of the park.

        235 Healdsburg Ave.
        (707) 431-1113
        Open daily for lunch and dinner

          1. Bravas Tapas, just off the Square. Not quite as authentic as it was when first open; food is a little "wetter" with little drizzles of sauces. But the flavors are still good, quality is excellent, service was outstanding. Our friends had not had Spanish tapas before and were wowed.

            The patio is the way to go, in good weather.

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              The specific times are not listed on the web site, but if you are there early in the evening they have a great happy hour. You can really sample a lot of dishes for a very reasonable price.