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Charcruterie Shops?

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Has Hogtown Closed?

Can anyone recommend a place that sells charcruterie and terrines to take away? I'm located in the centre of the city.


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  1. Update...will stop by Sanigan's tomorrow, and see what they have.

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      Sanagans has good stuff, some grant van g alongside other quality product

      I wish that hog town charcuterie guy would make a comeback. He was doing top notch work

      1. re: disgusti

        he is still around.. http://instagram.com/htchar maybe contact him to see where he is selling the stuff he is making...

        He posted the picture below yesterday: Pâté Campagne and Venison terrines

    2. Have a look at the Cheese Boutique post I made today and you can take the tour to see what they have. They also have some items by Grant Van Gameren

      1. Ollifes at yonge and rose dale have a nice selection of different charcuterie. Not your typical stuff.

        1. At the Hogtown Cure (1484 Dundas @ Dufferin) our deli case is packed with all sorts of locally sourced meats and cheeses. We make amazing bacon and pastrami too. Check us out on instagram or Facebook @HogtownCure for more pictures of our place and products. ~Steve

          1. Sorry to resurrect but does anyone know where to get morcon iberico in Toronto? All I've found is an importer willing to sell me way more than one person should sensibly possess at any one time.