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Charcruterie Shops?

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Has Hogtown Closed?

Can anyone recommend a place that sells charcruterie and terrines to take away? I'm located in the centre of the city.


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  1. Update...will stop by Sanigan's tomorrow, and see what they have.

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      Sanagans has good stuff, some grant van g alongside other quality product

      I wish that hog town charcuterie guy would make a comeback. He was doing top notch work

      1. re: disgusti

        he is still around.. http://instagram.com/htchar maybe contact him to see where he is selling the stuff he is making...

        He posted the picture below yesterday: Pâté Campagne and Venison terrines

    2. Have a look at the Cheese Boutique post I made today and you can take the tour to see what they have. They also have some items by Grant Van Gameren

      1. Ollifes at yonge and rose dale have a nice selection of different charcuterie. Not your typical stuff.