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Mar 21, 2014 12:56 PM

Fine Dining in DC (near Grand Hyatt)

I need to make reservations for a business dinner for 6 in a few weeks and am looking for a very nice restaurant, that's not extremely loud. And, the food can be steak, Italian, French - nothing too ethnic for this crowd. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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      1. Consider Bibiana. I've only had lunch at the bar there a couple of times, not dinner. But I liked it a lot.

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        1. re: KeithW

          thanks- ate there last year - it was delicious!

        2. Bibiana is near by and great for something like this. If you want more privacy they even have a table that's in a semi-private area with a small curtain (made out of beads or something) separating it from the main dining room.

          If cajun/Southern isn't considered "too ethnic" Acadiana is also very close by and great.

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          1. There are a couple of options. Obviously Tosca is a good choice.

            Cedar, just a couple of blocks from the hotel offers contemporary American food and is fairly quiet unless you get a really roudy bunch in.

            You could play it safe and go to Ruth's Chris Steak.

            DC Coast would be good, but you should ask for the upstairs if you want it to be quiet.

            Proof is excellent. It is a wine bar and fantastic restaurant, expensive but upscale and well worth the price.

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