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Mar 21, 2014 12:23 PM

Good pre-theater/set menu/early bird deals in DC

New ideas for pre-theater/set menu/early bird meals at some really good DC restaurants? Our wallets aren't thick, but our timing can be flexible! I hear that Rasika, Central, Masa 14, Tosca, and Bistro D'Oc have some good early bird deals. Comments? Additions?

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  1. 701 Restaurant has a pre-theater menu. I went there once recently and liked it, although I ordered from the regular menu.

    I haven't been to Rasika for the pre-theater menu but two of my family members went (Rasika West End) and loved it, and Rasika overall is great.

    1. Fire and Sage near 12th and G has a great happy hour (1/2 prices drinks and apps) and reasonably priced entrees. Really, you can get by on the apps, which are generous.

      1. Acadiana has a "Red Plate Special" from 4-7pm on weeknights where they serve ribs, pulled pork, a beer and sides for only $15.

        Taberna del Alberdero has one of the best deals in town during the week: 1/2 off tapas and sangria until 7pm. Sometimes they make you eat at the bar only but other times you can talk them into giving you a table. It's especially great when the weather outside is nice because you can sit outdoors.

        Ris has a pre-theater menu.

        1. RIS.

          Their pre-theater menu is called the Marquee Menu. It is available before 6:30 and after 10:00 PM. There's also a menu called Rush Hour menu that is offered from 4:00 -- 6:30 and again 9:30 -- 11:00 PM. I don't know how these two menus differ from one another. All I can say is that RIS is our go-to pre-theater destination when we have tickets at the Kennedy Center.

          1. Thanks for the tips! They've all gone on my To Try list.