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Dec 17, 2002 12:45 PM

New Year's eve in Quebec City? Help!

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I posted this below last week and haven't gotten response from the general Canada board. Could you Montreal Chowhound help me out?

I really need some advice about picking a new year's eve restaurant for my Aussie husband and I. Neither one of us has ever been to Quebec city and we've really blown the budget on flights and accomodations.

We'd like a fantastic food experience to bring in the new year but within reasonable cost. Someplace warm, great regional cooking and nice service.

We're staying at the Auberge St-Pierre if that helps in terms of location.

Counting on your chowhounds!


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  1. Hi,

    I just posted a reply to your post on the Canada board. I discussed the prices of Qc city's best restaurant (Laurie Raphael) and the best boutique hotel in the city. Perhaps you'd like to check it out. If you need more specific information, don`t hesitate to send me an email.