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Mar 21, 2014 11:57 AM

Restaurants not having websites only Facebook

I've been noticing a trend of restaurants (and bars) not having their only websites or they will have a site that just links to Facebook or other social media.

I find this kind of annoying because their menus aren't often posted on facebook or they might be hard to find or outdated.

Hard to tell if they are doing it to be 'cool' or just don't want to develop their own site. Of course social media is big too and they likely want their visitors to go there because they might share posts,etc.

Anyone else annoyed by this?

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  1. Some places might have menus that change frequently. It's faster just to post a photo of the chalkboard.

    1. Given the shittiness of most restaurant websites, it doesn't bother me that much. At least on Facebook, I know I'm not going to have to watch a 30 second flash intro only to arrive at a page where I have to tune out the tinkling piano midi long enough to guess which random image might take me to the restaurant's address.

      I prefer a clean, minimalist restaurant website over Facebook, mainly because they usually have a menu, as you noted, but I prefer Facebook over the vast majority of actual restaurant websites.

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        I agree with this. Most places websites are horrible. They tend to be slow loading, have annoying plugins and are not intuitive.

        I don't think a website ever convinced me to go somewhere but some have been annoying enough to make me question their mgt.

        I also think Facebook is less expensive to maintain. It's pretty easy to update, load photos and post news. My friend maintains her business FB page herself but has to pay someone to maintain the domain named one.

        1. re: Jacquilynne

          Same here. As a group, restaurant websites have to be the most useless genre of web site. So many of them are just home pages that have an address. Others, you have to wait for some stupid animation to load and then get blasted with loud music if you aren't careful.

          I want to know hours of operation (oh and by the way, if you serve a "late night menu", WHEN does that kick in? I want to see a menu with prices, and maybe a photo or two of the place. Maps and directions are nice as well. Just give me the facts, please.

          I think having a FB page is fine as a way to have an interactive conversation with your customers, and announce things like daily specials or special events. Both types of communication have their place.

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          1. I grew up in a time where the only menus were posted next to the front door, or you had to go in and ask.

            Never affected my dining decisions or enjoyment of my meal.

            1. Somewhat annoyed; however, I also understand that maintaining a website can be rather a pain (particularly for a smaller place) and that it's a lot faster & easier to keep a facebook page up-to-date. Considering that their primary focus should be on feeding me, I don't really mind if they choose not to spend a lot of time on a web site (although I agree that if they're not keeping FB up-to-date, either, that doesn't do me a lot of good)