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Mar 21, 2014 11:36 AM

kosher for passover cabot cheddar cheese

According to my source at cabot cheese

"I read a comment somewhere this morning in an article about Dannon yogurt that we have OU cheddar, but we do not."

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  1. That is correct. I actually e-mailed Cabot directly for confirmation, and the response is below (names removed, but titles remain. It is a cut and paste from the e-mail, so any typos are on Cabot's end):

    "Thank you for contacting us at Cabot regarding our OU Kosher Cheddar cheese items. While we still are able to produce many Tablet-K certified products, we have no plans at bring back OU Kosher Cheddar. The level of sales for the OU Kosher Cheddar was not high enough to maintain production of this cheese.

    We thank you for youra support.


    Customer Satisfaction Representative"

    1. The OU reported it. If they're wrong, they're wrong:

      "Cabot Creamery will have OU-P cheddar cheese. This item is not Cholov Yisroel."

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