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Mar 21, 2014 11:04 AM

A quick look around the Cheese Boutique

When the Cheese Boutique is mentioned, some people say that they have not been because it's too far or out of the way. If you haven't been but wonder what it is like, you can take a virtual tour here:

Make sure to visit the meat department, just to to your right as you enter the main store.

Here are a few links to make it easier:


All the ready made foods are here, just like Summerhill Market!

Entrance to Pasta and olive oil room:

Exit pasta and olive, into main cheese area:

Enter the cheese vault:

You want olives or pate?

You can see the wooden table where I look for the 3 cheeses or meat for $30 deal!

Pick up some dessert or a baguette

There is also an upper floor, click below to get there:

Maybe now you will see why I drive over from Riverdale every week or two.

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  1. it's a nice bike ride in the summer distance from riverdale. if they ever finish the queens quay construction.

    they have a nice fancy cookware section too, including the 4 foot tall pepper grinder

    1. We go to CB every once and awhile. I don't find anything that I can't find elsewhere but we go anyways.

      Last week I did not have a good experience. One of the servers was a real dimwit. I had to repeat my order each time and she even said "sorry, what did you say, I'm in another world". This happened three times before I gave up and moved on.

      Have you ever noticed how filthy their uniform tops are? One was so disgustingly dirty, the sleeves are now brown. Really off putting. In fact I mentioned this to the owner as I was leaving - after I spent approx $200. He thanked me for pointing this out and I left.

      Well today we went back. And sure enough the same guy is wearing the same filthy dirty shirt. His fingernails are grimy.

      I wasn't going to post about my experience because I felt the owner was going to take action. But this says a lot to me. It says to me they have no pride, they don't give a rats ass and they are to cheap to provide their employees with clean uniforms. Most of the staff are walking around in yellowed shirts. I can't imagine what goes on behind the scene.

      I'm sorry but that is a real turn off to me and I won't be back.

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      1. re: millygirl

        I used to go a few times a year as well--when the owner's father owned it, and it was on Bloor West, I went more often.

        The last few times, however, I've had similar experiences to yours. What finished me, though, were two types of cheese I purchased that had been stored incorrectly. Not being prissy here; both were inedible and on, or past the point of turning. Rancid cheese at those prices?

        1. re: pearl3

          Actually I forgot to mention, we had a similar thing with one of the cheeses we bought. It was one of those triangle chevre's. Can't recall the exact name offhand but it was completely dried out and tasteless.

          I think they have so much inventory it can't possibly be all fresh.

          1. re: pearl3

            I asked for Cantal, my absolute favorite cheese and too hard to find. The clerk made a big deal of going to a walk in and getting me something not out in the front. It was very expensive and not at all the Cantal quality I was getting from other's too poofy and fraudulent for me.

        2. "I don't find anything that I can't find elsewhere"

          That's the rub. The GTA food scene has moved on--bigger, better selection often at lower prices that this place can possibly offer. Sorry CB.