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Can you match these brands to their corporate behemoth owners?

As it turns out, the answer for me is "Nope." I got 25%, which is bang on random chance for a multiple choice quiz with 4 options.


I'd like to plead 'Canadian', but we have over half of those brands here in Canada, too, and I didn't really know any of the corporate ownership details.

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  1. I came in at 40%. The yogurts, Splenda, and syrups killed me.

    1. I got 35% (7 questions).

      I did laugh at "Soylent Corp." as a choice for Duncan Hines.

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      1. 25%. I hadn't heard of many of those parent companies; most of the products I have never purchased and the only one I purchase regularly is Dannon yogurt.

          1. re: melpy

            Wow! That's way worse than random chance. That's an almost unachievable level of wrongness!

            Fortunately, this is the kind of quiz where wrongness might be an indicator of a healthier, happier life.

            1. re: Jacquilynne

              I think so since I never buy most of this.
              I was stabbing in the dark pretty much so random chance was really all it was.

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                <"I was stabbing in the dark ">

                That's exactly what I did and got 20%! We don't buy any of those products at all. Don't know why I even bothered but I wanted to know what the connections are.

          2. Fun.

            I got 20% just by hitting buttons randomly (yay for randomness).

            Cannot eat much in the way of pre-prepared foods due to a physical condition.

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                I got 20% too -- I buy less than 20% of those brands....

            1. 15%. My test taking skills have declined precipitously during the 45 years since my SAT's!

              1. I only got 10%, but I claim I do not have any of those products in my pantry,now or in the rememberable past.

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                1. re: Raffles

                  10% for me too. I can safely say I have not purchased any of those products in the past 25 years.

                2. Hooray for random chance. A big 25% for me too.

                  Though I'm not sure the quiz has the answers entirely correct in every case (so I'll use that as my excuse). For example, the quiz claims that Dannon is owned by Coca Cola, which I think is not strictly correct or at least requires qualification (though I may be wrong). I think Coca Cola has licensed the rights to certain Dannon drinks and is involved in joint ventures in that segment. However, Dannon, the yogurt, is owned by Groupe Danone.

                  1. 40% for me. Suprisingly, as the only two I knew for sure were Splenda and Pepperidge Farm.

                    1. I got 35% but that includes some guesses.

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                        Mine were mostly guesses too. I don't buy most of them and confess to rarely reading the packaging aside from ingredients list and nutritional information.

                      2. 15%. Even the two I got right, YoPlait and Chef Boyardee, were guesses so really I should have gotten 0%.

                        1. Only scored 20%. Of course, I only buy 4 out of the 20 brands listed.

                          1. From Consurmerist

                            [UPDATE: An earlier version of this quiz mistakenly identified Coca-Cola as the owner of Dannon, when in fact that brand is owned by Groupe Danone. That question has been removed from the quiz (but now we all know the answer!) and we're sorry for the error.]

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                              I'm happy to learn that I am still a failure, only lessened by the fine print....:)

                            2. 16 percent, I just guessed though. Sometimes I buy hidden valley ranch.

                              1. I got 11%. The only reason I had the answer to the two questions was from vaguely remembering the brands in some of the company coupon packets that come in the mail.

                                I've never heard of several of the companies.

                                1. 63% But I don't understand what seems to be the implication of both the quiz and the post. The inference, especially in the phrase "corporate behemoth" seems to be that large corporation = pure evil. Do people really expect that all our food will be made by Mom & Pop down the block? Do people have any idea what prices would be like if there were no vertical integration or scales of efficiency? And does anyone really think that corporate executives regularly sit around thinking, "How can we poison consumers and, by extension, our own families today?"

                                  And, for the record, I don't use many of these brands either, but I don't know what that has to do with anything.