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Kindles's Donuts, the other architectural donut shoppe in South LA

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They have the oblong huge plastic donut sitting on top of the donut shack. You either pull up to the window or roll through the drive-thru.

I walked up.

and I ordered three Texas glazed donuts and an ordinary sized maple rasied for good measure.

Those texas donuts were gigornmous veryging on the Brobingdinian in size. No joke.

I could only make a dent in the donuts.

if you can polish off a solid half dozen of the Texas glazed (which are about the helft each of around four ordinary glazed donuts), a half dozen of a baker's dozen that is, then you are a better man than me.

Century and Normandie. There's a Taco Bell right next door.

Kindle's Donuts is a cash only joint.

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  1. Do they have any of those jalapeno ham and cheese croissants?

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      Sorry. I paid no attention to croissant or anything else besides donuts.

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          Both. Thiugh it must be said bigger than great.

    2. Time to do the bump.