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Mar 21, 2014 09:30 AM

Kindles's Donuts, the other architectural donut shoppe in South LA

They have the oblong huge plastic donut sitting on top of the donut shack. You either pull up to the window or roll through the drive-thru.

I walked up.

and I ordered three Texas glazed donuts and an ordinary sized maple rasied for good measure.

Those texas donuts were gigornmous veryging on the Brobingdinian in size. No joke.

I could only make a dent in the donuts.

if you can polish off a solid half dozen of the Texas glazed (which are about the helft each of around four ordinary glazed donuts), a half dozen of a baker's dozen that is, then you are a better man than me.

Century and Normandie. There's a Taco Bell right next door.

Kindle's Donuts is a cash only joint.

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  1. Do they have any of those jalapeno ham and cheese croissants?

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    1. re: Novelli

      Sorry. I paid no attention to croissant or anything else besides donuts.

        1. re: techbod

          Both. Thiugh it must be said bigger than great.

    2. Time to do the bump.