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5 reasons your partner doesn't go to the farmers market with you..

from TheKitchn - several of these ring very very very true for me! I can count on one hand the number of times my spouse has been to the FM with me. In 20 some years.


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  1. I like farmer's markets, but I rarely go because I like sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

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      Hear hear.

      Are there Farmers Markets for the non-9-5 set?

      Because we like our local FM...but wish it was open 10-2...or 3.

      When it comes to "shopping" or "sleeping" , sleeping wins.

      1. re: pedalfaster

        I've come across a few evening markets - Monterey, CA, and Sonoma CA have some (funny, both of these are in the middle of big farming areas). One of the San Francisco ones is right in the business district, at the Ferry Building. There have been some attempts to coordinate among various markets, to have some open from 8-12 and others from 1-5 on the same day to let the farmers get exposure to more customers.

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          In my area there are afternoon and evening markets. One of my favs is Friday afternoon, 4-7 and perfect to hit on the way home from work. But doesn't open until May 1.

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            The one in monterey on alvarado st is where i shopped with my parents growing up!
            Spoiled me for life since its such an amazing farming community the produce is pristine and crazy cheap!

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          Me too. My DH goes without me. Now that we are retired I may start getting up and going.

        3. Because they are perceived as a female thing....doh! By a lot of guys. In the vein of the wife or girlfriend cooks the food. Me (guy) like them but it is done quickly. I am not into lingering there. Get those Brussels sprouts on a stalk etc....then out!

          1. SO won't even go to the regular market with me. I love the Farmer's Market and am often up at the crack of dawn on Sundays but the parking is insanity.

            1. ...snort

              That was hilarious. I wouldn't want to go to the farmers markets that are described in the link either. I loved the produce market when we lived in Louisiana, but it's not a traditional farmers market, and it's open every day but Sunday. No need to deal with the crowd as I just went early on weekdays. And they even had local produce frozen if I wanted big bags of frozen okra when it's out of season.

              I miss it.

              1. Once in a blue moon (well, not a blue moon - let say a great while) Mr Rat will go with me. He loves food, loves to cook and is bothered less by all the alterna/hippie things mentioned in the article than I am, probably, and since we are in NYC and don't drive parking is not an issue. Also we have multiple farmer's markets here and even the Union Square one is open several days a week, so less of a crush. But he's always worked nights, and now swing the last year so it's rare for him to be able to do anything like this during the day.

                1. I rarely go to farmers markets not because I don't like them (because I do), but because the ones around my way all operate during my work hours. The very few I've managed to catch with-husband-in-tow are in no way the kind depicted in the article. My town's market, for instance, has maybe 6-8 vendors at most and if you want to chat, great. If you don't want to, they won't hassle you. Same time with the next closest market.

                  1. Anyone live near the Farm Kings farmers market? Goodness!.. Ill hit that. :-)

                    I think my bf would rather go to a farmers market over a grocery store. I dunno he dosnt really do either. He not a cook and has no or little interest.

                    Problem is when I lose him at a f.m I don't know where to find him. At the grocery store I know he'll be at the magazine rack.

                    1. #3: "Why do I hate the farmers market? Because why would I want to have to interact with people who would actually pay legal tender for a 'chi massage.'"

                      This +1000

                      My wife dislikes farmers markets more than I do, and I'm not a big fan of them in general. To be frank, if we're going to be stuck someplace that stinks of patchouli, wet hemp, and "eclectically" attired folk we'd rather go to our local Renascence Festival.

                      At least at the Renfest we can distract ourselves from the the nonsense by drinking vast amounts of beer from plastic cow horns, stuffing our faces with overpriced turkey legs while watching my son enjoy a cheesy sword fight.

                      1. 1) It's Saturday morning, lets sleep in.
                        2) You're the cook.Go by yourself,I'm not that into it
                        3) I'm playing golf this morning.
                        4) Just grab something I'll stay here and ............
                        5) You just want to check out that dude again.

                        1. Some interesting assumptions in the article - it's men who don't want to go, women do the food prep, everybody has to drive....

                          My husband is usually the one who suggests we go to the local FM, and parking isn't a problem since we walk. Even when I visit the FM near my sister's in upstate NY we have no problems parking within a few blocks. Being an invisible person, I find I have no more problems with strollers and carts than I do at the local supermarkets, where people love to walk into me (do they get points for this? Special discounts? Can anyone sign up?). The musicians are limited to a certain area, so they can be easily ignored. Food prices aren't necessarily cheaper, but the variety and selection are generally better.

                          6 weeks until the local market resumes!

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                          1. re: tardigrade

                            Loved your post.

                            After a loooong hard winter here in the Midwest we both are looking forward to the Farmers Market.

                            You made some good points. I think in many ways the social aspect of the FM actually outweighs the food.

                            1. re: tardigrade

                              My local market is within walking distance. Although I have to admit, since they started a drop off for food waste, I sometimes drive if I have a really full compost bucket. I like the social scene too. I almost always run into friends and love to chat with the vendors. No patchouli in evidence.

                            2. Didn't the writers of thekitchn have kind of an acrimonious, sudden breakup? Maybe that is where this article is coming from. That said, I agree with a lot of it and go to early and less popular markets. (I'm lucky to live in an area wher there are different markets every day of the week all within 10 or so miles of each other.)

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                                The founders of Apartment Therapy/The Kitchn did divorce not too long ago. He still runs AT, she still runs TK.

                              2. It's cool -- we aren't attached at the hip, and we don't have to go everywhere together.

                                So I go to the market -- he either stays home, or if we're traveling, he and the offspring head off to a park, to wander other stands (even they admit that markets can have a fun atmosphere) a restaurant, or a museum, and we meet up later.

                                Everybody's happy (and while they don't enjoy the markets, they do enjoy the meals....)

                                1. I agree with all those reasons. Nevertheless, I go once in awhile, because:

                                  1. I don't have to drive and park.

                                  2. I go alone, so don't have to hang around any longer than necessary. I get the one or two things I want and escape.

                                  1. The increase of food trucks have made it more interesting for my boyfriend to spend the morning with me at a farmers market. But I sometimes end up walking back and forth between stalls to get the best looking berries. That is less fun for him.


                                    1. oh ooops....he does and he also pulls in when one is ahead