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Easter 2014

I've only prepared Easter dinner once in my life, and it didn't go well. It's been almost ten years since then, and I'm ready to give it another go!

What do y'all have planned for Easter dinner this year?

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  1. Easter means brunch in my family. Sky is the limit.

    1. There was another thread started a few weeks ago that it might be worth merging with http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/968235.

      My plan is roasted leg of lamb and asparagus if it's finally in season.

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        We'll definitely be doing roast lamb. Probably too early for our asparagus. But maybe not too early for Jersey Royal potatoes. It's no big deal though - no religious significance for us - but it's an excuse for a celebration of spring.

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          So true, here too! I love it as a day to break up the monotony after the winter holidays (don't tell my parents).

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          Oops. :/ I checked to see if one had already been made, but I missed it somehow.... Sorry!

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            it's ok, believe me, I AMMMMMMMMMM the biggest offender of repeating an already established thread

        3. I usually make the roasted lamb with pomegranate & onions from 'The Philosopher's Kitchen' cookbook.

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            Oh. Tell us more about the use of pomegranate.

          2. this year I'm gonna vote on an Easter Motor Home dinner. Somewhere by the sea where I can cook up a hopefully nice dinner+where church can be a first in the morning outting. that way (celebration of the day) can be enjoyed.

            A smallish bone in ham glazed in Dr. Pep, scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans with almonds and mushrooms in a cream sauce, a fruit salad, garlic sourdough toasted bread and LadyBird cupcakes for dessert.

            Kontexesi, you'll do fine, just don't put too much pressure on yourself and don't overdue, it'll be wonderful...
            good fortune to you with your meal and moreover
            Happy Easter..........

            1. Too early to tell! My wife has not brought up the subject.

              1. Butterflied leg of lamb, inside spread with dijon mustard, lots of minced garlic, salt and pepper, and layers of prosciutto. Outside heavily seasoned with salt and pepper.

                Tied together and roasted in a rack suspended over a pan of fingerling potatoes, until medium rare-medium. Jus made of the bone and other lamb bones, red wine and shallots.

                Oh and some brocollini and a nice salad and good wine.

                1. No clue right now except there will be 'Strawberry Short Cake'...A Sour Cream or Buttermilk Cake, Berries, and Whipped Cream on top. Asparagus more than likely.

                  1. Mom's Czech Easter Bread. Proof and punch it twice, round loaves with triple braid around the loaf with a cross on top.

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                      this is so beautiful - i hope she is there to share it w/you. if not, its wonderful that you know how to continue to make it.

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                        3 MT

                        that looks like an Easter specialty of Martha Stewarts that was featured on a tv special several years ago.
                        also on same show was a pate and home made mayonnaise. I made them all, of course now, I can't find that site to copy recipes and make again. :( dang

                      2. I've got a very traditional list that I do with minor variations every year.

                        Home-made sausage rolls - this means both the puff pastry and the filling.
                        Home-made pork pie
                        Fish in puff pastry (using up the rest of the pastry dough I make!) - usually some sort of white flatfish like turbot or plaice, but whatever looks best at my local fishmongers.
                        Racks of lamb
                        French beans, or flat beans (again depending on which looks best)
                        New potatoes (as Harters says Jersey Royals are sometimes in, sometimes not. Definitely to be preferred if they are)
                        Strawberry Charlotte
                        Chocolate torrone - made myself (terrifyingly addictive but needless to say you really have to mind the sugar)
                        Chocolate easter eggs, both the solid foiled ones and the speckled praline eggs.

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                          Mrs Harters will pay pretty much anything for Jersey Royals at Easter. I think they were about £10 per kg last year - and then they were the grown under glass versions. They saw her coming, so they did.

                          I'm impressed at homemade turron. Well impressed.

                        2. Can anyone share a favorite, foolproof lamb recipe to serve 4-6, including two children? Ham or turkey is traditional for Easter in my family, but I am so tired of both. I have never cooked lamb or eaten it in anything but a gyro or similar pita wrap. Thanks in advance.

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                            Roast leg of lamb could not be simpler. The key is good thermometer. I recommend the one like this: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/produc... but you can find versions for a lot less $$, this was just the easier link.

                            What I do is make a paste out fresh rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, dijon mustard and olive oil in the food processor. Rub the paste all over the leg of lamb and let it rest at room temp for at least an hour to take the chill off. Insert thermometer and roast on a rack until desired temp. Med rare is about 130 but as always take your meat out *before* it gets that temp as it will continue to rise outside the oven. Let lamb rest for at least 20 minutes but I have let it rest for much much longer. Lamb is great at warm/room temp.

                            Oven temp can be pretty flexible so I adjust based on the other things I need to cook. I usually start at 450 for about an half hour or so and then reduce to 350 when I stick in the potatoes, usually Potatoes Dauphinoise.

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                              I agree, super easy. My favorite is a rub of anchovies, rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. The anchovies add a nice savory note, no fishiness at all (think worcestershire sauce, not smelly fish). I like to cook low and slow to 130F and it's great every time.

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                                foodiex2 is absolutely right. this is all the advice you need. High temp for 20-30 minutes, then I reduce to 225 till internal temp reaches 130. then let it relax, covered. It really works, I was worried when i did my first LoL this way, lamb is not cheap... but it was perfect.
                                BUT - do the people you are cooking for like lamb? Many people have had dry, overcooked lamb or just think they don't like the taste. maybe have someone else bring an additional main diish.

                                Now I do the L. and a big roaster chicken w/greek flavors (lemon, garlic, thyme or rosemary) for those who don't like lamb. oven Roasted potatoes and asparagus, skillet roasted leeks and baby vidalias. Made-ahead strawberry cake. oh yeah, at least 3 dozen deviled eggs.

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                                For bone-in roast leg or shoulder, we'd give it 30 minutes at 230C, then turn the heat down to 160C and continue to cook for 12 - 15 minutes per kg. Depending on which time you finish off at, you'll get it nicely pink and medium rare up to still pink and nearly medium. Leave it to rest for a good 20 minutes before carving.

                              3. I haven't written my menu in stone yet but it may be a ham since I already have it in the freezer and another meat also. The only other things I know for sure we'll be having is home made dinner rolls (possibly sweet potato) and a fruit dessert (with fresh berries). I'll be pondering until I decide...