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Mar 21, 2014 07:19 AM

Passing of JonParker

Many of you knew JonParker from his days on the DC / Baltimore board and more recently from sharing his enthusiasm for cooking at home and as part of his church's outreach programs. I'm sad to have to let you know that he recently passed away.

This article was posted by a friend and colleague of Jon's really seemed to capture his spirit: http://bardofthelesserboulevards.yola...

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  1. This makes me really really sad, and I'm going to miss his posts. His food photos on Facebook always inspired me, and I really benefited from his posts when planning a trip to Baltimore. Thanks for everything, Jon.

    1. How very sad. I always looked forward to seeing one of his posts. They were well written and well reasoned. My prayers are with his family.

      1. Oh my goodness, I'm in shock. I'm (mostly) a lurker, but I've been lurking on the Washington/Baltimore board for years and years, and I don't recall a time Jon wasn't a regular poster. Agree with him or not (whether it be on chow or social issues), it is undeniable that he was well respected and made valuable contributions to the board community.

        Jacquilynne, are you able to post to that board to direct people here? I think there are many regular posters there who would want to know but may not check this board.

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        1. RIP Jon. While we rarely shared similar views on most topics, it is always nice to engage with someone who was as well thought out and as articulate as Jon was.

          God's speed, my prayers and condolences to his family.

          1. What sad news. I really enjoyed his posts.

            Thank you for sharing, Jacquilynne.