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Mar 21, 2014 07:14 AM

Your Favorite Source for Roasted Coffee Beans.

Good morning friends,

I recently returned for a two week trip to the Kona coast on the Island of Hawaii. Aside from escaping the hellish winter we've been enduring here, one of my goals for this trip was to start drinking coffee. In my life, my coffee consumption had totaled maybe 1/2 cup, but I figured there was no better place to start. Nearly every day, we made the short trip to Greenwell Farms (HIGHLY recommended, if you're ever on the Big Island) and I tried out most of their offerings. I ended up taking some beans home, bought myself a hand grinder, a Chemex setup, the whole nine. I'm loving it, but I'm running out of Kona stock.

What I'd like to find is a local spot for freshly roasted beans. I live in Stillwater, but I don't mind making the drive somewhere on the weekend. I've heard good things about Peace Coffee, and I've actually seen their beans at Cub, but I assume those aren't the most freshly roasted. All recommendations are welcome.

For the record, I don't need much in terms of volume. I'm using ~32 grams of beans a day, enough to make one travel mug worth.

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  1. Go to your local Dunn Bros and look at their freshly roasted offerings. Maybe not the best option, but they are freshly roasted and convenient.

    1. We highly recommend this outfit. We buy quite a few pounds at a time and freeze.Their twice a year sales, and weekly specials are great. I know it is mailorder but I still recommend.

      1. Café Palmira

        Not only do they have a good product but I appreciate what they are doing. They've cut out the middle man. Carlos lives here and imports directly.

        "Café Palmira is a gourmet specialty coffee grown on the Palacios family farm in Palmira, Huehuetenango. This region is renowned for cultivating some of Guatemala's finest Arabica coffee. Our family has been growing and harvesting coffee in Guatemala for more than three generations. We are committed to providing you with excellent freshly roasted coffee that's warm, rich flavor is even more satisfying as your purchase directly helps coffee growers, like our family, maintain a more sustainable way of life!

        We offer light, medium and dark roasts, all locally roasted by Bull Run Roasting Company in St. Louis Park, MN."

        1. This one has a good reputation:

          I don't drink coffee, but hubby and son like their beans.

          1. Kauai Coffee Co.

            I order online from them, estate grown on Kauai, and if you sign up for their email newsletter, they have free shipping or other promos pretty frequently. And if you ever make it to Kauai, a beautiful tour.

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              I did not care for their coffee(Kauai Coffee Co). It is grown in the Sun and at a elevation of only a few hundred feet. More of a Robusta than Arabica.