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Mar 21, 2014 06:29 AM

Where is Mc Donald's annual "Lent-Filet of Fish" ad campaign ????

Is it just me or for the past few years Mc Donald's has put out some rather annoyingly addictive commercials for the Filet of Fish during lent? I don't recall seeing any new catchy commercials or songs for the Filet of Fish this year.....I guess Mc Donalds has abandoned the lent market?

Remember these???

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    1. Wow really? I honestly have not seen that commercial once yet this season. I wonder if they are airing nationally or just regionally. Well thanks for answering my question! lol

      1. Initially I hated the McDonald's Filet O Fish submarine commercial. Now I love it. The expressions on the faces of the 3 guys crack me up.

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          This is my first time seeing it so it's still new to me. Most of the other commercial's I have always hated, at first, then over time and repetition you become addicted to them.

        2. Haven't see any ads, but then I tend to block out all ads.

          On the other hand, I just had the 2 for $3.33 FoFs & dollar drink as a lunch for the second week in a row. It's about the only fast food item I buy anymore and typically only when 2-for-1. Saw the twofer poster in their window, as I drove by.

          1. I've also noticed that other places are not giving deals on their fish sandwiches for lent.