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Dec 11, 2002 05:45 PM

NYE restaurant for funky newlyweds?

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My new husband and I will be in Montreal over New Year's and we're looking for a restaurant for New Year's Eve. We'd like it to be: delicious (of course), hip, vibrant, sexy, and not too expensive. We are very open-minded culinarily, though we do hope to experience some of the local fare during our stay.

We are still in the honeymoon phase (though the official honeymoon was in October), but we're not looking for a traditional, formal romantic restaurant - something a little more 'downtown' in NYC speak.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Delicious, hip, vibrant and sexy......I think of "Globe" on St-Laurent. David McMillan is one of the most acclaimed young chef in the city and he likes his patrons to fare sumptuosly and gregariously. The restaurant is located in the trendiest neighborhood of the city; where people like to have fun, display their toys and look at their goodlooking conterparts. It might be incidental for some but the food happens to be awesome for those who elect to go to "Globe" to practice the aforementioned activities.

    However, the quality of the service is all but professionnal, the waitresses having been trained in model agencies. Last year, George Clooney directed and played in the upcoming "Confessions of a dangerous mind" that was shot in Montreal. He was a regular at Globe, hooked up with one of the waitresses, and brought her up back with him in Hollywood. He must have grown tired of her french accent since he dumped her shortly after though not before she could complain in the local press about the lack of privacy triggered by her new relationship. The morale: One should not expect subtle and personnal insights when inquiring about the appropriatedness of the venison de Boileau following an entrée of foie gras and a glass of Patrimonio.

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Montreal.

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    1. re: nachodan

      Thanks for the great - and honest! - suggestion. I will check definitely check it out. :-)

      1. re: saffrongirl

        I guess now's the time to try it, not when your husband gets the "Seven Year Itch".

        1. re: Gary Soup

          Gee, thanks for the well wishes, Gary ;-)

          Let's hope that in 20 years I'm back on this board, asking where a STILL hip, sexy, vibrant couple celebrating a special anniversary would be advised to dine in your fine city.

          Anyway, if anyone has any other suggestions for restaurants, I'm happy to hear them. Otherwise, I'm going to start planning other aspects of my trip!

          1. re: saffrongirl


            "Globe" sounds perfect for you and hubby. It's totally hip,has great music, and is a mecca for local and tourist foodies alike. Hope you can go on a thursday for "soir de poutine" (poutine night).

            Poutine is a traditional Quebecois dish of french fries and gravy with locally cultured curd cheese. It's ubiquitous in Montreal, but at "Globe" they infuse asian spice accents to the gravy, and eschew the rugged "rough cut" fries in favour of the more refined, narrow Parisian "frites".

            Make sure to pronounce it "pu-TAIN", and not "Poo-teen", as the latter pronunciation sounds like the Quebecois term for "fart".

            Bonne Chance, JJ