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Mar 21, 2014 06:28 AM

SW CT source for reasonably priced low carb baking ingredients?

I'm just getting into low carb baking and filling my pantry with the many ingredients called for in the recipes. I've been laid up for the couple of weeks so I've bought several from Amazon (I have Prime) including coconut flour, shredded unsweetened coconut, sugar alcohol and ground flax seed but I have to believe Amazon prices are high. I bought Almond Meal and coconut oil @ Trader Joe's. Are there any reasonably priced stores online or in my area, Norwalk/Stamford, that carry these ingredients? There is a Mrs. Green's & a Fairway market nearby but I haven't had the opportunity to peruse them yet.

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  1. I have used for a variety of low carb products. But I agree that Trader Joes is the best place for almond meal. I have also gotten a good deal on ground flax meal at NYC's Fairway.

    1. Amazon will be cheaper than fairway (although fairway carrries all of these products) and trader joes will be cheaper than anyone for the ground flax (they have bob's red mill by oatmeal), coconut oil, almond meal (and now cashew meal), and chia seeds.

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        Thanks, let's hope as low carb baking takes off that the ingredients needed will become more reasonably priced.

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          I would avoid buying pre ground flax; it oxidizes very rapidly. If you have a $10 coffee grinder, it's great for them, too. Also, keep the nuts, and especially the ground stuff, in the freezer.

          Oh, and King Arthur flour online has a great selection of both toasted and untoasted nut flours. But not cheap.

      2. Have you checked out yet? Good prices, low shipping, excellent customer service. I buy carbalose flour and Carbquick there, though rarely use them. Also, bulk xylitol, and I think they have liquid sucralose to blend with it and other sweeteners.

        I buy almond flour in a local natural grocery, Bob's Red Mill. Fairway on Long Island has it, too. Also, they have a good supply of high % cocoa chocolate hunks for baking.

        1. Try I buy my almond meal, coconut flour, organic nuts and dried fruit from them. I live in sw CT and delivery is quick-1 to 2 days after I order it is on my porch! Love these guys!

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