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Mar 21, 2014 05:04 AM

Philly Pizza #4

This article on Philly Pizza was published a week ago. Just saw it today and found it to be an interesting look at Philadelphia as #4 , ITO, Pizza city.

Sorry if this is redundant.

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  1. I think its awesome that this article can be written today - and not be full of filler - while talk of a "pizza scene" make me cringe 10 years ago this would have been a pretty thin piece - now we can gripe over who got left out and here is mine Art of Pizza deserved a mention in the Fishtown Section - Hey the fact that there IS a Fishtown Section talks to how Philly has been booming - not just in Pizza but all around food wise, an embarrassment of riches - I am a plain old corner pizzeria slice kind of guy but options are good.

    1. I would love something like this for the suburbs. I live in Ardmore and love pizza. And when I say "I love pizza" I just mean I love good, take-out pizza, ideally eaten in my living room. Pizza with fancier toppings served in a lively atmosphere that costs $20 is great, but it's not what I crave after a long work week. Give me a "good" cheese pizza and I'll take that any day over something more sophisticated. I'd love to have some better recommendations for take-out/delivery pizza--particularly of the thicker crust variety which I know is not en vouge right now--outside of the city. Almost every place that we've tried and initially liked has fallen out of favor, either because we're just sick of them or because they are inconsistent and sometimes produce horrible results.

      Anyway, thanks for the link to the article. It makes me want to schlepp into the city more frequently for pizza!