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Mar 21, 2014 04:03 AM

Coconut whipped cream - parve, naturally pesachdik & wonderful

In case anyone on this board is unaware, whipped coconut cream is wonderful. You make it and use it just like regular whipped cream.

Downside is price, one can makes only 3 or 4 servings.

But it's parve, and if there was pesachdik coconut milk it would be pesachdik

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  1. I've used canned coconut milk to make a parve creme patisserie in the past. Works great and the coconut flavor isn't too overbearing. The milk really is fairly versatile.

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    1. re: rockycat

      It's a surprisingly mild coconut flavor. Subs for real whipped cream as a topping on pretty much all desserts (berries, lemon curd, chocolate everything)

    2. Would it be cheaper and more whip to use canned coconut cream?

      I'm not kosher, but always interested in delicious new ideas.

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      1. re: mcf

        Thank you, mcf. I didn't know it existed. Wonder if it's certified kosher.

          1. re: AdinaA

            I've seen kosher canned coconut cream in pomegranate.
            The trader joes brand is not marked

            1. re: cheesecake17

              Pomegranate. Yet another reason for Brooklyn envy.

              1. re: AdinaA

                Come join the masses. I was there today and the store was a zoo. Staff was rearranging chametz, cleaning aisles, setting up klp food. But if there's anything specific you're looking for I can check next time I'm there

            2. re: AdinaA

              Star Food coconut cream has an OU. Nothing about Pesach, though.

          2. I tried this once and was really unhappy with the results. I found it to taste weird (not overly coconutty, just kind of strange) and have an unpleasantly oily mouthfeel. Plus it didn't whip that well. Do you have a recommended brand of coconut milk that works for this?

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            1. re: DevorahL

              I use Rolands. Whips beautifully. I like the flavor.

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  That's absolutely possible. I'll have to try it again with a can from a more reliable store, and maybe add some more sweetener or flavorings.

              1. I gotta say thanks to all the vegans, lacto-intolerants and paleos out there because otherwise we'd still be using coffee rich! :)

                1. Have you ever tried making this with light coconut cream?

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                  1. re: EmpireState

                    I haven't. My understanding of "lite" coconut milk is That it's coconut milk with water added. I have no idea if it would whip.

                    1. re: AdinaA

                      It almost certainly wouldn't, and even if it did, it would suck.