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Mar 20, 2014 11:39 PM

10 hours in Manhattan - Sushi Yasuda and another tasting menu?

Hi everyone, it's a bit crazy, but I get a few hours in New York on my upcoming trip. I'm planning on getting the omakase at 15 East, but was contemplating the possibility of getting in a second tasting menu later that same evening.

Say I start at Sushi Yasuda at 6pm. Would it be possible to then do a tasting menu at Ai Fiori 10:15pm? Does anyone have favorite tasting menus around the $150 range and is open late? No specific cuisine. I went to Jungsik on my last trip and it was so good I'd consider going there again this time, but maybe I should try something different.

And yes, it's a bit of a crazy idea, but I can eat quite a lot while on vacation (see my last trip report). I'm pretty sure I can eat 15 pieces of sushi and be okay to eat a second dinner a few hours later. Am I just woefully unprepared for how full I will be after Sushi Yasuda? Maybe for the second dinner, I can ask that any heavy beef/lamb/venison dish be substituted for something lighter.

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  1. if you're as lazy as I am, you could do the tasting menu at tocqueville and then walk next door to 15 east and do the omakase. it was a coupla years ago but i was kinda full after the 7 course tasting and about 25 pieces of sushi.

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    1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

      Wow, that might be too much for me! I think I'd need a few hours between meals to walk around and digest a bit.

      I hear lots of good things about Tocqueville though. Of the three tasting menus, which would you suggest? Chef's Tasting, five-course, or seven-course? Would you recommend that over Ai Fiori?

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        i'm a glutton so seven course.

        i've only been to ai fiori four times. their fish dishes were consistently excellent but everything else i tried was sorta forgettable.

    2. Wow, that is an aggressive and yet an awesome idea. I am sometimes hungry immediately after leaving Yasuda and eating 20+ if you have a hearty appetite you should be fine.

      Perhaps stay in the same theme/flow and go to Kyo Ya? That would be quite a decadent double header. Or Momofuku Ko?

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      1. re: Yaxpac

        Momofuku Ko is actually a very good idea. I've had lunch there, but never had dinner.

        Instinctively, I'd try to go for something opposite from sushi so it'd be two separate experiences very different from each other.

        1. re: ah6tyfour

          If you want to try for a res at Ko also have a plan B res in place since Ko books close to the actual date and can be difficult to get....