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Mar 20, 2014 11:23 PM

Natto and Fermentation Experts: What is the best natto starter?

So I want to start eating copious amounts of natto as I have the large task at hand of reversing my cavities which is actually possible by the way.

Anyways I want to order the best natto starter on the internet, does anyone know a good source?
Also I imagine the highest quality starters last indefinitely as in they keep repopulating? As in a similar fashion to Body Ecology's weak milk kefir starters which stop repopulating after the second use where as Kefir Lady's last forever, I want the best stuff, would appreciate any advice.

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  1. You can buy it in a Korean or Asian store in a frozen three pack and use one pack as starter. Or...... buy the spores from Gem Cultures. Here are some yahoo groups that cover it

    I have made natto a few times. How does it help cavities?

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      Thanks for the resources, I am considering which e-store sells better starter, Gem Cultures or Cultures for Health.

      Yeah it has a pro-biotic produced vitamin called k2 mk-7 which optimizes the transfer of vitamin d3 and calcium to the bones to help rebuild bones (teeth are bones).

      Here are two articles by Chris Kresser and Mercola and 2 popular books on the subject: