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Mar 20, 2014 09:26 PM

Current obsessions?

I'm obsessed with balsamic vinaigrette. I know I'm late, but man. What for are you currently obsessed with?

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  1. A's Do Mar tuna in olive oil. Agositna Recca capers in salt. Also the lard I get from my butcher.

    1. Dill spears, sambal oelek, chimichurri and the green sauce from Halal Cart chicken.I love vinegars too but balsamic is too sweet for me. I like the throat burn after a good swig of RWV.

      1. Tripas tacos! Crispy, not so crispy, ohhh god, all so delicious.

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        1. re: Teague

          I prefer tripas, as well as lengua and cabeza, as a burrito rather than soft taco. Fantastic flavors. Not many place make them

          1. re: mucho gordo

            I'd eat those lovely chitlins in a burrito too, but haven't had that offered in any menu in Kansas City. I love cabeza, as well. Tongue is lovely, not sure why it's considered an adventurous dish, I admit tripas are definitely organ-meat territory, but tongue just seems mild, tender, and beefy (or lamby or whatever).

            1. re: Teague

              Calves tongue is luscious stuff. I used to prepare it all of the time and slice it for sandwiches.

              1. re: MamasCooking

                I really want to try it but after my failed liver adventure....

                1. re: fldhkybnva

                  fldh - oh please no college binge-drinking stories, this is supposed to be about food.

                  1. re: fldhkybnva

                    Much different texture. A bit spongy but sliced thin it is not too noticeable. Very flavorful stuff. Preparing it is not for the faint hearted though. It involves stripping a membrane off that covers the entire calves tongue and simmering the calves tongue for quite some time(kind of like a science project/experiment). To me the flavor is as delicious as really well prepared brisket or tri-tip. FH...find a place that sells battered fried seasoned chicken livers and try one or two. If you still find the texture too revolting then at least you tried. My adult son gets pale and begins to gag if he sees me cooking or eating poultry livers. He gladly inhales calves liver with onions.

                    1. re: MamasCooking

                      Seconding the lengua love. I put entire beef tongue in the crock pot and cook it all day until tender. At that point, stripping off the membrane is pretty easy with a sharp knife. Then, sliced and served in a sauce w/ rice and beans or tacos.

                2. re: Teague

                  Teague - that's weird, as you can find that in STL in lots of places and I always thought KC would have a more Latino influence.

                  1. re: hill food

                    I am sure I could ask for a tripas burrito. But I love little fresh corn tortillas so never bother. I am a bit curious about southern-style fried chitlins, since I love tripas so very much. Not sure they are to be had here.

                    1. re: Teague

                      yes, I wish places would offer a 'sampler size' portion of the things a lot of people (ok me) would buy, just not a whole plateful the first time.

                      1. re: Teague

                        Let's just clarify :) Tripe is stomach lining. "Chitlins" or chitterlings are intestine. Close but quite different. Quite.

                        1. re: c oliver

                          Yeah, but we're talking Mexican spanish here. "Tripas" tacos in my experience are not tripe as in stomach. They're small intestine. Little crispy elbows, short lengths of chitterling, fried. Sometimes served crispy, sometimes fried and then braised with onions. Both really good.

                  2. re: mucho gordo

                    Where we live (NorCal), lengua, cabeza, tripas, etc. are at all the local spots.

                    @Teague, I don't get the aversion to tripe at all. To me, it's far more 'benign' than the things I mentioned above.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      I can see how some people wouldn't like it - tripe (as in stomach) and tripas (as in chitlin) both have a barnyardy quality, sometimes less and sometimes more. But I personally love the stuff. I grew up eating organ meats though, mostly liver but I have been eating menudo since a fairly early age, college I guess, think I first had menudo in 89 when I was living in Austin. Just discovered the tripas recently.

                3. Sour pickles. When did they disappear from the market?

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                  1. re: RosePearl

                    I've never heard of a sour pickle - is it different from a dill pickle? How so?

                    1. re: harryharry

                      internet is my friend, so i looked it up: "Dill pickles are made with a brine, vinegar salt etc and immediately preserved, Sour pickles are FERMENTED so they're actually 'soured'."

                      now internet may be a lying friend, so i'll wait to see if the chowhound arena gives this answer a thumbs down.

                      1. re: alkapal

                        Every pickle can be fermented. Vinegar pickles are just a product of industrialized food designed to shipped long distances and be shelf stable. They were originally lacto fermented.

                      2. re: harryharry

                        Apparently you've never been to a Jewish deli or seen jars of them in a market. Dills are not sour.
                        Sour pickles, naturally fermented, are rich in probiotics and nutrients. Making sour pickles is very easy using only salt, water, pickling cucumbers and spice.

                        1. re: mucho gordo

                          I especially enjoy Jewish delis that offer a bowl of both, as I patiently await my order.

                          1. re: mucho gordo

                            I grew up in Jewish delis - just never noticed anything other than the new pickles - and the tomatoes - honestly, there could have been little shoes in those bowls and I wouldn't have looked past the new pickles - my favorites.

                            1. re: harryharry

                              Little shoes in Italian are called scarpettas....

                              1. re: Veggo

                                Thanks - and I've always said that if you put curry and coconut milk on a shoe I would eat it - but that's another thread.

                                1. re: Veggo

                                  Are you old enough to remember that song from the 50's?

                          1. re: mcsheridan

                            Me too. Butter and white miso mixed together. Also using miso instead of salt in things that is not typical.

                            1. re: sedimental

                              I am obsessed with miso!! The best simple app I love at my favorite japanese restaurant is cucumber slices with mild miso that you then just dab on to the cuc. Stupid simple and a revelation!!

                              1. re: Ttrockwood

                                miso marinated chicken and then bbqed has to be some of my fav bbq.

                                Love cuc's and miso will have to try.