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Mar 20, 2014 09:02 PM

Pig in a Fur Coat, Madison, Wisconsin

If you ever find yourself in Wisconsin, you absolutely MUST visit PFC. It's among some of the best modern Italian I've had. Each dish is perfectly seasoned, perfectly composed and perfectly balanced. It's truly astounding to have found a restaurant of this caliber in such a relatively small town. I would (and will) go out of my way to come here again.

I'll post some pictures on the weekend - but my second meal here was as incredible as the first. I'm left wondering why this Chef doesn't get more attention locally. Other local restaurants comparatively were a shadow of what PFC has to offer. A bit gushing, admittedly, but I can't say enough about how good this restaurant is. I only wish that I lived closer. It would be a regular, frequent destination.

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  1. What city is Pig in a Fur Coat in?

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I used to travel to Madison 1X per year for business.
          Beautiful city.
          Sadly, no longer the case.

          Still, I'll file this recommendation away in my pea brain. The name alone warrants a visit!

          1. We've been here a few times. The food is great. Just FYI for people who don't know, it is communal dining for the most part. I don't mind, but my husband dislikes it and won't go back (so I usually go with friends).

            When we went, they had house-made sardines on the menu and they were delicious. Citrusy and well-cooked, nicely firm. The oil was great soaked up with the bread they served with the dish. Sadly, I just looked at the online menu and it doesn't seem to be on there anymore, but the entire meal was good.

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              Thanks for mentioning the communal dining. I hate it when someone recommends a place but fails to mention that you're going to be stuck with that godawful communal dining.

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                Aww, I'm sad you didn't mistakenly go, in that case.

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                  No problem. I believe they have a few non-communal tables, but the majority is communal. Not my favorite way to dine, but if I'm going out for drinks with friends then who cares?