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Mar 20, 2014 08:34 PM

Driving from Montgomery to Charleston - Good southern road food on the way?

(I also posted this on the southeast board, sorry for any repeats)

Hi - I am visiting relatives near Montgomery this August. We will be a family of four visitng from San Francisco. After Selma, we will road trip to Charleston over a 2-3 days. I think we will go by way of Savannah. I'd love info on the driving part.

My question is, are there any great stops en route across Alabama on 16, or from Savannah up to Charleston? We would especially love Southern specialties - my hope is for a great barbecue house like in N Carolina, or a fabulous biscuits or grits or hush puppies spot. Thanks so much for any help on this...

(And yes, I know August will be awfully hot, but that's when we have the vacation time to go, so it will be an educational experience for SF kids)

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    1. if u go thru Macon,ga,Polly's at Zebulon rd and I 475 has great shrimp and catfish.I 16 is uncharted territory ,good luck.Savannah is well covered by CH.

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        Thank you for the recommendation. We will go there - you give me hope for a tasty roadtrip.