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Dec 9, 2002 04:57 AM

Very Off Topic - LC

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Does Montreal celebrate her famous son, Leonard Cohen in any way?

I would love to visit any 'Cohen' sites during my visit.


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  1. Well it's not like there's a shrine or anything.

    Many of the places referred to in his songs, poems and novels (especially the highly autobiographical /The Favourite Game/) are still around. In Westmount, for example, there's the house he grew up in, Sisters of Mercy High School, Prince Albert (Murray Hill) Park, etc. Old Montreal, in the general vacinity of the Bonsecours Market, is where Suzanne took him down to her place by the river; "And the sun pours down like honey on our lady of the harbour" is a reference to, among other things, the statue of the Virgin Mary atop Bonsecours Church. The Main (St-Laurent) is an old haunt, though much changed today. Modern day sightings have occured at the St-Viateur bagel factory and on the Plateau (where he has a house).

    For specifics you'll have to do some digging. Visit the Leonard Cohen Files website (link below), which has some info and pics. And a Google search on the string
    "leonard cohen" montreal sites
    will garner over a thousand hits for your browsing pleasure.