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Mar 20, 2014 06:32 PM

Great/fun cooking/butchering/knife classes in BK

My husbands bday is coming up in april and I'm heavily considering getting him a cooking/butchering/knifeskills class in brooklyn (or on a weekend in manhattan.) We're pretty good cooks and he has really decent knife skills, so it would need to be something sort of offbeat in that capacity OR be butchering. I've been googling and everything is either REALLY expensive ($500+) or really beginner-centric (like brooklyn brainery.)

Any ideas? Also this is not secretly a gift for me, I'm going to get admission for two but he's welcome to bring his bromance best friend (esp if it's knifeskills, which will give me a heart attack.)

Any other cool cooking-centric suggestions are welcome!

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  1. We had a great time learning how to make dumplings at the brooklyn kitchen. I believe they have knife skills/butchering/sausage making and similar types of classes.

    1. Brooklyn Kitchen's pig butchering class is $85. It's on a weekday though.